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  1. I spent quite a bit of my youth either in or outside the Manor, there was a very spacious Snooker Hall beneath the cinema run by an old chap named Tom, if I recall correctly it had twelve tables with two rooms off the main hall. We used to go into the cinema halfway through as the lady in the ticket office let us in for half price, I seem to think she was a German lady but I can't be sure on that. Happy days.
  2. I'm satisfied that it DOES mean Valve, so problem solved, thanks to unrecordings.
  3. That was my first thought but what's the significance of the "V".
  4. Here's a Trade Union certificate of one of Staniforth`s workers, Mr Samuel Darwin dated 1908.
  5. Went to Eckington today and had cause to pass what was the Prince of Wales Pub and I spotted this informative sign on the wall above the door but I don't know what it indicates, anyone have any idea what it points to?
  6. Is there any information on landlords of the Haigh Tree Inn after 1951? I'm looking for one called Groobey.
  7. I'm trying to find out just who had 46 Taptonville Road built, even though it's datestone says 1852 I cannot find and reference to it in my 1852 directory, I know in 1878 a gardener was living there, the property may have been part of a long gone bigger house. Has anyone any clues about the history of this building and the Taptonville name itself.
  8. Would it be ok to use this information in my article?
  9. I wanted the information for my next pubs article but the year I'll be doing is 1852 which is a few years before the Turf Tavern was opened so I will have to omit that one and put in the Union on Furnace Hill.
  10. This explains a lot, thanks very much.
  11. I'm finding it hard to find any reference to The Turf Tavern on West Bar, I've looked in the 1852, 1862 and 1878 directories and there's no listing, what does fox me is the change of postal numbering, it's given as No 77 but at that number no pub or Beerhouse.
  12. The Vulcan effigy was on Hornes Gents Outfitters, people seem to forget that, it's always called Castle House, ok it was but Hornes is never mentioned.
  13. The buildings have gone, on the far end of the church wall you can see a building, that's still there.
  14. In reply to the email from the team, the photo shows Campo Lane in a slower age. w
  15. This resembles this area Bennett Wheel or Sheffield Moor Wheel, Vulcan Dam, River Porter. St. Mary's Church in background check the drawing on Picture Sheffield. The drawing is of a different perspective but looks very similar.