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  1. Anyone remember Sarsaparilla ?

    I remember going into a shop at Firth Park on Stubbin Lane for Sarsaparilla it was at the side of the Fishing Tackle Shop but i dont recall the name .
  2. Favourite Sheffield meal?

    No kitchen is complete without those three items in it, i always make sure there are Mushy Peas and Henderson's Relish in the cupboard and Pies in the Freezer.
  3. Half Penny - Kelvin Flats

    Picture Sheffield seem to have the best one and thats not great. http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s22183&pos=16&action=zoom&id=24663
  4. Help needed with this photo

    That looks like Sutherland Road Baths to me.
  5. Horridge & Wildgoose Sheffield Independent 07 November 1931
  6. Sonia Arthur

    There is someone with that name living on Woodfoot Road, Rotherham according to the electoral registers.
  7. I'm guessing you might have already got this.
  8. Dunford Bridge

    Second and third article. Sheffield Daily News, and Morning Advertiser 12 April 1859 The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent (Sheffield, England), Saturday, April 16, 1859;
  9. Dunford Bridge

    Here you are ive found a bit of information for you First article concerns the sale of the property where he lived. The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent. Supplement. (Sheffield, England), Saturday, January 01, 1859.
  10. Need an answer to this picture

    Have you tried Facebook ??
  11. 1939 Register Lookup Request

    Here you go.
  12. Robert Staniforth of Ford, Ridgeway

    The article is about Robert in 1574 The Newspapers are 1878 and 1879.
  13. Robert Staniforth of Ford, Ridgeway

    Sheffield Independent 02 January 1879
  14. Robert Staniforth of Ford, Ridgeway

    Robert Stannyforth Accounts of the Sheffield Burgery 1573 Hi You mentioned various spellings of the Surname so i wondered if these articles could be relevant I have captured the whole article in sections to make them more readable .Sheffield Independent 26 December 1878
  15. Mosborough Castle?

    It was a play area in the Westfield Estate. Center of Photo.