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  1. James Henry Moseley

    First name(s) James Harry Last name Moseley Service number 202626 Rank Private Regiment York And Lancaster Regiment Battalion 2/4th (Hallamshire) (T.F.) Battalion. Birth place - Residence - Enlistment place Sheffield Death year 1917 Death day 3 Death month 5 Cause of death Killed in action Death place France & Flanders
  2. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    The council did have representatives on all the projects involved in Manor Lodge. The site is after all on a long lease to the Council. Green Estates came out of the Manor and Castle Development Trust. It was their "green" wing so to speak. In the early days Richard Foster at that the Development Officer for that area was active in the project. I should imagine still that a Council officer or a councillor(s) sit on the Green Estate board. I think Green Estate's influence on the site is apparent. Especially when flower beds were directly incorporated in the house ruins! Can you imagine any other historic site having a flower bed placed in an important spot, such as they did with the main chimney area?
  3. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    When I helped start the friends of the Manor Lodge there was NEVER any intention to charge for visiting the site. Then Green Estate got their hands all over it and have started to charge to go and see it. Many of the Friends group volunteers quit when they were told by English Heritage that they could NOT run the Manor Lodge site, because "Friends Groups do NOT run Heritage sites," in the words of English Heritage. They told the group that a proper management body had to be responsible, or at least that is what their current chairman told me. Green Estates got the job. They employ paid people to look after the site. Any volunteers have to meet their standards and do what Green Estate say or they can't take part, due to health and safety rules. They do train such volunteers. But a lot of the original volunteers didn't like the rules and left. I was also one of the people that helped set up the Norfolk Heritage trail. This was supposed to be cross group and individual's of all the history groups and projects the trail covered. It was never intended to be run by one group or project. But Green Estate interfered with it constantly. The first thing they wanted to do was do walks on a fee paying basis. Purely to make money. One time a publicity day was held in Sheffield City Centre and Green Estate tried to block me from attending and others too. Due to some silly rule about health and safety! However the Park Rangers covered anyone they couldn't or did not want to instead, so I could go. Much to the discuss of the Green Estate person then in charge. However Green Estate eventually got their way and the Heritage Trail committee has not met in years, to my knowledge anyway. And any walks now taking place are charged for. The current state of Sheffield Manor Lodge site is a great disappoint to me from being chairperson of it all those years ago. That is now a good example of how NOT to run a heritage site. Friends of Sheffield Castle people take note.
  4. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    If they do it like what they have done to Manor Lodge then you will have to pay £3 to get in and it will be only open at the weekends. But at least the kids can play in a sandpit in the ruins.
  5. Sheffield Church photos

    New church on Google The old one was demolished in 1978.
  6. Sheffield Church photos

    And yes now I think about it, it is the vicarage. The original church building was demolished due to mining subsidence. It has since been replaced with a very nice, but modern building.
  7. Sheffield Church photos

    Saint Swithun's Church Hall Manor about 1982.
  8. Sheffield Church photos

    Beauchief Abbey taken about 1982.
  9. Thought I would start this one off by posting a few photos of Sheffield Churches I have taken. Please feel free to add more. Starting with two shots of Gleadless Church
  10. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    Historians like to compartmentalise everything. The problem with this approach is when it comes to predicting the future. There was a TV show on recently that talked about the future of the car. With computers controlling them, the driverless car! However it is following on with the idea that A leads to B which leads to C. I can visualise a system where cars and motor vehicles would be obsolete, therefore would not need to be driverless. The car for example is a waste of space. Most of the time they sit around doing nothing. Why would you want to build more and more roads all over the country? My own term for what has happened to us since 1945 is the "education culture". Though it probably more or less relates to when the Education Act came in. For that fundamental changed how young people developed into adults. And it was not in the way it was intended. For what happened was the introduction of compulsory education for anyone past the age of 14 and taking it to 18, meant that we interfered with the natural development of human beings. The education itself was not important and could have been achieved without keeping kids in school. But what we did and are still doing is preventing young people from mixing with a wide range of ages and people, just as the puberty process hits them. During this time the kids pick up social skills and development from mixing away from their parents with other people. However in a school it's done in a limited age range. For most kids are in school with their own age range. And what do they know about the world? The schools try to teach them, but most kids do not listen to the formal education. In any case most of it is theory, probably taught by one adult, who's only experience of the world is from education establishments. And grew up with the same distorted views as the kids they are now teaching. It's little surprise then that the education culture has developed "nerds" that can get electronics to do fantastic things. But for every positive side effect of the education culture there are ten times the negative. Back in the 60's for example all the drug taking in the UK could be tracked down to one doctor's surgery in London. Thanks to the education culture it's now all over the country. In fact many historians will tell you that whatever trend it is, such as "bing drinking" it can be found sometime in the past. But in reality each one was an isolated thing, very small scale. Not the common problems we face today. I put the entire lot down to sending kids to school after the age of 13. Sorry going a bit off topic there!
  11. The Barron Knights supporting The Rolling Stones?

    The Barron Knights started well before 1964. By the time that poster came out they would have had the record Call Up The Groups out. What's more amazing is the Overlanders. This is well before their 1966 number one Michelle. Though the band had nine records out before that became their first hit. They started releasing singles in July of 63. David John And The Moon - To Catch That Man, their first single, had been released in June 1964. It had Mick Jagger on the maracas apparently, which ties in with why they would be on. They released another two singles none of them hits and vanished.
  12. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    You should have asked them where did they think Templebourgh got it's name from? There were lots of people even in Sheffield, especially on Sheffield Council during the 1980's that thought Sheffield only started with the Industrial Revolution. If you encounter any that still think that, tell them that there was NO Industrial Revolution, as that is a term invented by historians well after the event. In the same way as historians invented the term "Dark Ages".
  13. Maybe too many thread categories?

    What about "Sheffield Religious Buildings" OR "Sheffield Religious Institutions" OR just "Sheffield Churches" - then underneath mentioning: for talks about all religions and faiths of the past and the buildings associated with them. Or anything else you think should be included in the section.
  14. Maybe too many thread categories?

    Sometime ago I suggested having a section for the many Churches and religious institutions in the area. With all such threads moved to it. We could even have a sticky photographic survey thread of all the churches on it. I am wondering if would be still possible to open this section?