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  1. The bookshop that has been selling rare Sheffield books for ages according to it's website is to close at the end of June. Rare and Racy website I don't think I had the money to buy any books from it, but I assume most of you probably did. If so what? Will you miss it and where will you buy rare Sheffield History books from now?
  2. The only thing that was putting me off was the gap between the buildings. But now that Edmund has posted that image it makes sense. What was the reason for the gap in the first place. Anyone got any thoughts on it?
  3. It looks to me like Commercial Street and the slope suggests it too.
  4. To be fair Andy it was probably the Tory Government that forced the Council to put everything out to private tender and get value for money on services. Which are not as efficient as those operated by council workers. Private companies are there to make money and pay scant regard to issues like the environment. It was Tory plans to put high speed railways through Green Belt land, not the others. Sheffield Council for years has had to struggle with the rule of that lot in London. They didn't put up with them in Scotland, why should we up north. Millions of pounds on concrete, so that trains running under a concert hall in London don't make noise as the go 15 feet under it. All at tax payers expense! That shows you how unfair things are.
  5. Since I posted my replies to this thread my perceptions on the subject has changed vastly. It started a couple of years ago. My mother had dropped a heavy book on her foot and she needed to go to the Northern General Accident and Emergency department via an ambulance. I was allowed to go with her. When we got there we were waiting ages along with other patients very close to where the emergency ambulance drop patients off. I remember it being around 2pm in the afternoon. I was stood against a wall very bored. That night as I lay in my bed in a relaxed state - not asleep. I had a vision of the same events, but this time it was very different! Now from where I was stood in the waiting area, I could see a large swirling vortex open up in the sky above the ambulance area outside the building. Out of it came a MASSIVE amount of what later I could see where transparent figures of all different ages and sexes in a stream heading towards the ground. They all went into the emergency entrance and into the rest of the hospital. There must have been thousands of them! I could see some look at me. But I didn't know any of them. Though I could make out their faces. They were all transparent too! Presumably since it was around 2pm when this happened the ghosts had come to see the friends and relations in the hospital at same time as the normal visitors to the hospital. Of course when it first happened I passed it off as some kind of dream. But unlike most dreams the images were not distorted, with things that couldn't be the case. In fact it was like looking at a video of the days events! With the ghosts added on!! Of course it happened again. This time at the funeral of my uncle. Again I saw nothing and felt nothing out of the ordinary as the events happened, nor was I expecting to see anything. But again relaxed in bed, the same viewpoint I had that day, this time as the coffin came in, there was my uncle, younger than when he died, solid this time, with his wife who had died a few years before coming in with the coffin. They spoke too, commenting on who had come and surprised to see some of the people there. Their daughters was crying, but they were not interested in that. I suspect it was because they couldn't do anything about it. Now you could put the incident down to grief. And if it happened first to me I would too. But I was in no pain of grief at the Northern General, just bored stiff! So it doesn't explain that. What's more curious was that I told a neighbour, who liked to go to see mediums, about these events. And she persuaded me to go and see one of them at a church in Attercliffe. Again I saw no ghosts at the event, which I wasn't expecting to anyway. Nor was I certain that I would see a vision afterwards. However I did see a vision of part of the night's events. I did not see the whole thing. During the event the male medium said he could see a woman who swore a lot at the back of the room. So we all turned around to see if she was there. He had a decent conversation with this woman. This part of the event played out in my vision this time when I turned around to see this woman. Guess what I saw? Nothing! Precisely as I saw when I turned around that night. The vision showed no ghosts present at all. Now I don't know if the medium could see ghosts, as it wasn't a replay of the entire night. Nor do I know what triggers these visions and what makes them select certain parts of the day. But it could be that I was shown that as he said he could see this woman and something wanted me to see that he was making it up! Nevertheless from later trips to the Northern General, I can tell you that the most haunted place in Sheffield is the Northern General. But the ghosts are perfectly harmless and most probably visiting those who are sick in the hospital. Plus others from the building's past. I suspect that the Hallamshire might be the same, but I haven't been to it in ages, since the visions started.
  6. Presumably an early fire hydrant sign the distance to it?
  7. Went passed today. There was quite a bit left to come down.
  8. My guess would be some kind of advertising for pipe smoking. Possibly by one of the big brands of pipe tobacco. Smoking wasn't as frowned upon in the past. The clue to dating it would be that pipe. It would have come in at some date. Date the pipe and you will get a clue to how old it is.
  9. The wall would have stopped deer jumping in and out. But in special places they had a special section built into the boundary to allow the deer from outside to jump in, but of course not to get back out. The owners of deer parks were very clear on this. Since it allowed wild deer to jump in. Once inside they became the property of the park owner. The only person allowed to kill them then. Wild deer could have been killed by anyone, technically. Though in practice they were of course on somebody's land, thus belonging to that person. I don't think two parks belonging to two different land owners ever bounded onto each other anywhere in England. As this would have caused a dispute between the two owners, if they did join together. If you look at maps of around 1660 for Yorkshire you can see parks clearly marked. But none are close to one another so they would touch. As a footnote to the main thread, the Star reported on Saturday that finally after many years of being left vacant, the rest of the land is going to have houses built on it.
  10. He's doing the mega thing in the summer. Under Midland Station. Probably too deep and dangerous to do at this time of year.
  11. I think you are right and it is a sandstone rock outcrop. Which means it was from the time when it was Sheffield by the Sea! Sand being an ancient sea bed.
  12. I would put it down to the end of the baby boom generation no longer into toys and things for kids, being all teenagers. Look at the growth of record shops in the late 70's and 80's in Sheffield, just as people like myself were teenagers.
  13. You might recall that I told you all about the Deer Park wall that used to run down the side of some gardens on Queen Mary Road. It was part of a phase in the original Sheffield Park and is mentioned in an old document in Sheffield Archives for 1680's. I used to live in one of the Boot Houses that fronted on to this wall. Before the estate was demolished I wrote to the Council about the wall and how important it was. I got a reply back and they said they would give specific instructions for it not to be touched. So I was pleased to have saved this bit of history. I knew about the Prince Edward School extension, but with that letter from the Council I assumed they would not touch it. After the demolition of the houses I went and had a look and although some people had pinched stones for gardens from a damaged section, they couldn't from the upper section has it had the entire Woodthorpe field behind it and would have fallen on them. So it had not been touched by the demolition people. However I went past the area today. And the new school extension has not only invaded onto the Woodthorpe field, the best bit of the wall has vanished either under tons of earth or rubbed out completely in the play area construction. There's a public footpath that runs over what's left of the wall, which is only the damaged section. This is clear proof of what a bunch of vandals Sheffield Council are. I have lost a great deal of respect for the Council. I'm also ashamed that I was a former pupil of Prince Edward School. I hope the entire building falls down the 100 foot mine shaft they built over too. Fine way to treat Sheffield's heritage. By the way kids when you grow up just vandalise everywhere you live by working for Sheffield Council. We've already done it so us teachers can park our cars here and you kids can play football. The picture below shows what it looked like when it was a garden wall.
  14. If you use to use Family Tree Maker with Ancestry then it's been announced the tree sync no longer functions with old versions of the software. You can buy a new software package now that will sync with Ancestry. But it is not backwards compatible.
  15. I forgot to mention the model plane kits by Airfix and others probably in the near the centre of the first floor. On the basement floor didn't they have the bikes? I think one of the upper floors had baby stuff such as prams etc, though I don't recall going up there! They also sold Playcraft model trains.