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  1. Hi Darra, I may be able to get some info about Ian Lemons whereabouts, I will let you know when I have any info via this site.
  2. Pye Bank from around 1954 I was born 1949. then Burngreave "High school". (I call it "High School" because it's on top of a hill, lol)
  3. Now "Burngreave Road" & "Brunswick Road" respectevly, Brunswick Road known localy as "Champs Hill"
  4. ​Hi, the Two guy's in this photo are familiar, especialy the one stood up at the back. Has any one got a name for these two ?
  5. Is this where we get the saying "daylight robbery" from?
  6. Many thanks for that bit of info.
  7. Where was this? and why no photo
  8. does any one know when this closed
  9. Sat here in tears !!!!
  10. The bridge in the background is Blonk Street, and looking South the overhanging workshops were the swing grinders.
  11. I thought so, Harry Brearly. I believe he lived in one of the cottages across from the top of Oborne St. J. S. lived in the same area down Fitzallen St. Along with another famouse face, (now gone) the mother of D.W.
  12. What about Brendan Ingle, boxing trainer. He still lives in Sheffield.
  13. just stumbled on this old post, Is the famous resident still alive ? If so it could be someone with initials J. S. not wanting to give too much away. If dead it could be someone with initials H. B.
  14. Very interesting: just a thought, how about doing a list of pre WW 2 pubs. I am sure some watering holes were lost thanks to the Fokkers.
  15. Hi, Does any one know who owns the land on the right hand side at the top of Jenkin Road as you come up from Meadowhall.? It's the land where the Iron age / Roman settlement is. I was told some time ago it belongs to the National Trust, but i don't know how true this is.