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  1. Sheffield blitz

    The papers were produced in Sheffield day and night without fail apart from two days in December 1940. They were then printed at Withy Grove Manchester and were brought over by lorries. Courtesy Sheffield At War 1939/1945. W/E.
  2. Bye

    So, it was au revoir then, thank goodness for that. Perkins will be pleased. W/E.
  3. Bye

    A sad loss Hilldweller, your post's will be missed. W/E.
  4. Bye

    Lets just hope its "au revoir"
  5. Favourite view point in the peaks

    Rudyard Lake [Reservoir] Is on the A523, the Leek to Macclesfield section. W/E.
  6. When Saturday Comes

    Kim was not someone who would make up stories. I will get in touch with her siblings and see what they have to say. I think most of us are guilty of not asking too many questions at the time, only to regret it later. W/E.
  7. The Teapot

    I had a friend who lived on Aberdeen Street, luckily they moved just before the blitz. W/E.
  8. The Teapot

    Nice story. The people I knew that had been bombed out had all on buying a tea pot, let alone saving money in one. Interesting to know where in Sheffield the bombsite was! W/E.
  9. Favourite view point in the peaks

    When I did my cycling trips out into Derbyshire and beyond I never had a favourite place I just rode for the fun of it. After I started riding with the Sheffield Don Wheelers in 1960 runs were more organized, Summer runs would vary from Rudyard Lake, Manchester,Selby,York, Lincoln and the coast, usually Bridlington and Cleethorpes. Winter runs would be Matlock, Buxton, Edwinstowe, Tuxford and a few places on the Trent. Most if not all were on a Sunday. If I had to choose I think the most scenic routes must have been the runs from Sheffield through The Peaks to Leek and on to Rudyard Lake. Happy days. W/E.
  10. When Saturday Comes

    Kim St Clair, nee McVeigh, my late partner was a big fan of Sean Bean. She always proudly said that when in their early teens they would knock around Pitsmoor together. Much to her annoyance we would always smile and take it with a pinch of salt. Though, who knows? W/E.
  11. Sweet Shop Chesterfield Road

    Well boginspro, The Atlantean is a 42 [number is very clear on original photo]. Service 42 ran to Graves Park and 53 ran to Woodseats [Abbey Lane]. All that changed mid 1966 when service 38 to Lowedges was abandoned and the 42/53 took its place. So looking looking closely at all the cars [the newest one looks to be a 63 FB Vauxhall Victor] I would date it 66/67. W/E.
  12. Sweet Shop Chesterfield Road

    Not far from the sweet shop but in the opposite direction.
  13. Buses to wartime London.

    By October 1940 many of our capitals buses had been damaged or destroyed by enemy bombing. The Transport Ministry appealed to operators around the country for the loan of any surplus vehicles that could be made available. Amongst many others Sheffield sent a sizable contingent of AEC Regents, though they were returned by December 1940 due to our losses in the Sheffield blitz. I have not been able to find any snaps those buses whilst they were down there, though I did come across ex Sheffield Leyland Titan 180 circa 1930, WE 8780. W/E.
  14. Sheffield Wednesday Fruit Knife

    My mum had the bread knife, it was in everyday use up until a few years ago. W/E.
  15. The Merry Heart Hotel.

    Just found an old family photo card from the early 1920s. Its addressed to Mrs and Miss Elliott. Southey Green. Wadsley Bridge. Sheffield. Me and my grandma [William Taylor's wife] used to visit an old lady in a row of cottages just round from Southey bus terminus in the 1950s. I think her first name was Hettie. The cottages were pulled down shortly after she passed away in the late 50s. W/E.