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  1. Local history exhibition at Grenoside Community Centre on July 1st and 2nd highlighting important local buildings past and present; the lives of notable local people and Grenoside’s industrial past. Refreshments will be available. Open 10am-4pm At the Grenoside Community Centre Lower Hall, Main St, Grenoside. Admission free
  2.;EQUALS;s04955&pos=12&action=zoom&id=8398 Try picture sheffield
  3. There were a couple of local history books published a few years ago by the history society in the area. Try the local library.
  4. Thanks Steve. Lyn
  5. Could anyone tell me if this building still stands please -;EQUALS;s06459&prevUrl= The Servants Home and Housewifery School Thank you Lyn
  6. Information on this page -
  7. try burial records on this site Lyn
  8. Pinfold wall with trough outside and plaque on Bower Lane Grenoside Lyn
  9. Update.........March 2017 Fencing secured a few weeks ago and planning permission etc has been given for the change to a drive-in KFC, restaurant and a Costa coffee. Supposed to be preserving the building. Time will tell.
  10. There was a refuge on Burngreave Rd on a corner. This one I believe -;EQUALS;s25125&pos=337&action=zoom&id=27570
  11. Does anyone know if this is still somewhere in Grenoside? -;EQUALS;s23658&pos=1&action=zoom&id=26112 The Festival of Britain 1951 commemorative stone, Grenoside Hospital Annexe (former Isolation Hospital) Saltbox Lane - a housing estate now stand on the site of the old hospital. Lyn
  12. I saw Hilda Baker there c 1949 - 'she knows yer know.'
  13. Just had a recent email with some details in if anyone is interested - apologies if already known about Lyn Joined up Heritage events *Heritage Gas Lamps* The Council and Amey are proposing to refurbish Sheffield's internationally important collection of J E Webb Sewer Gas Destructor Lamps. It is good news that nearly all original components will be retained, that the four which currently burn gas will continue to do so, and that most of the remaining lamps will be capable of being restored to gas-burning in the future. The Council's Conservation team have done a superb job in recognising the importance of the lamps and setting a high standard for their refurbishment, Highways have responded flexibly, and Amey have produced an ingenious and innovative solution. Webb lamps are rare, those burning gas are rarer still. The Council will maintain the four gas-burning lamps, but do not have the funds to bring any others back to gas operation. Several other lamps have this capability: 18 were converted to natural gas in the early 1980s, many were working when listed in 1995, and gas is still laid on in some cases. It may be possible for neighbourhood groups to fund gas operation, if the cost is reasonable. Does JUH have contacts in neighbourhood groups with an interest in heritage who might consider this for the lamps in their area, if I can get a sensible cost estimate from the Council? Best regards, J Robin Hughes:
  14. More about Workhouse history here - and here -
  15. Many thanks for that - my husband was only saying last week he wondered just how high the road level must be in relation to the houses. We tend to just drive past so only get a quick view of it all.