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  1. Contact your local Councillors fast. Lyn
  2. Think that is the Cliffe house at Dronfield - May, Henry (Esq., ). Address: Cliffe House, Dronfield, in 1871. Recorded in: Whites Sheffield & District Directory - 1871. Lyn
  3. Edmund I have sent you a PM Lyn
  4. Page Hall Market 1905 - sign above the shops on Page Hall Road near where it joins Firth Park Road. PM me and I will email you a copy. There is one at Fir Vale too which sadly is now partly obscured Lyn
  5. They are so wrong as these photos show Lyn
  6. Yes I knew about that - think his brakes failed.
  7. Many thanks for that information. With the eradication (almost) of infectious diseases I presume they would not be needed nowadays. I suppose this is where Environmental Health comes in now depending on the situation. Lyn
  8. Thanks Lysander - I am aware of the earlier types of fumigating and disinfecting measure and the reasons why they were needed in Sheffield but was surprised at this being 1959 so with in living memory.;EQUALS;y11117&pos=1&action=zoom&id=113319 this photo shows baskets with areas named on them. Seems to suggest things such as bedding and clothes needing disinfecting? I wonder whether it was still needed in areas of poor housing perhaps. Slum clearance was around 1960s/70s. I remember an old relative telling me of his siblings having had scarlet fever in the 1920s and everyone had to leave their house including the cat and go to be fumigated/disinfected etc while their house was dealt with. On their return they needed to pick up the key from the Town Hall. Back home they had to go through it all again when he himself went down with scarlet fever.
  9. Found on Picture Sheffield -;EQUALS;y11118&pos=200&action=zoom&id=113361 Interested in knowing more. Lyn
  10. Lysander Norwood Hall was later renamed Bishopholme so yes I did mention it by its old name. Norbury Hall on Barnsley Road near Firs Hill is now a Madrassa, minus its grounds, Cannon hall (pub once an old house) has gone. Page Hall now a Care home, again minus its grounds. It is amazing what has been lost at this end of Sheffield. I have been researching the whole area having lived here for more years than I care to remember and having witnessed many of the changes. Fascinating history. Changes - not so good.
  11. Would it be possible to have a list of some of the groups who attended/are involved so people can see how diverse it is? As Lysander says many old buildings have been demolished over the years at this end of Sheffield and it would be nice to see how well supported we are. Cliffe House, Norwood Hall, Crowder House, the old farm buildings in Firth Park etc. At present the historic Pheasant Inn at Lane top is near derelict. The owners do not bother to secure it as they want it razed to the ground to make way for a KFC. The old English Steel club house on Shiregreen Lane is due to be demolished shortly because Sheffield City Council left it unsecured and it has been subjected to abuse by vandals. We lost the old Firth Park Grammar school or Brushes as it was once known due to negligence, allowing it to be burned to the ground. Most people interested in history thinks the Council needs calling to account on many things. Not all can attend meetings so are there other ways we can show support? Thank you to all those who did attend and put forward their views. Please keep us informed of progress.
  12. Yes the Old Ecclesfield Diary was where I first found reference to it and then I managed to find a newspaper account of her death. She died two days after the attack Lyn
  13. My 4 x Great Grandmother The Sheffield Register. Dec 17th 1790 `A circumstance not less dreadful in its consequence, than disgraceful to a civilised nation, happened at High Green, a few miles from hence, on Saturday morning last. A bear kept there by one Cooper, for the amusement of the country people at their wakes, got loose - pinched it is supposed for food - and entered the dwelling of a person named Rogers. The unfortunate wife of the man was sitting with one child (Lydia) on her lap and another beside her, (Charles) when the creature seized her with all the savage ferocity incident to its nature, and tore her in a manner to shocking to particularize. The cries of the poor unfortunate, and of the children, reached Rogers and the Bearward, who almost at the same moment entered the house, and beheld a sight sufficient to appal the most callous mind - what then must have been the feelings of the husband? - He flew to the animal, but was unable to wrench its jaws from the object of its fury. Cooper then struck it on the head with a hammer, but the haft flying off, the blow was powerless; it however turned the bent of its rage on him, and it pursued him until he was nearly exhausted with fatigue, and he must have fallen a victim, had not the neighbours, alarmed at the outcries, come up with him, and, at a second shot, laid it dead. - The woman expired in dreadful agony on Monday. We hope and trust this dreadful and unparalleled accident will finally abolish, in these parts, that unchristian, barbarous species of diversion - bear-baiting.' [sic]
  14. (Was this Keble ward at Fir Vale Infirmary?) Sorry tried to load photo but failed. Can anyone tell me anything about Keble ward - where it was situated etc. Thanks Lyn
  15. This place is still a mess - owners won't do anything about it, Council won't/cannot enforce. Fly tipping a frequent problem. Cannot be listed because it has UPVC window frames.