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  1. Jacks on Langsett Road used to interest me as a kid when we sometimes walked that way after the Wednesday game. Used to save the bus fare and walk to the station so we could buy a Green un in town. When did it close, think it was still there in the 80's
  2. The ceiling was painted as the nightime sky with stars wasn't it ? or was that in the 70's ?
  3. There are several photos of him in his 1952 book "TWENTY FIVE YEARS OF PLAY PRODUCING 1927-1952". in the 1880's his father used to take Sheffield Sunday school children to Hucklow for a weeks holiday in the summer and continued this when he moved to a Manchester church. In the first war his father went to live in Great Hucklow. He is captioned as L du G on the photos which show him acting in the plays which he produced.
  4. It certainly is an amazing visit. I was interested in the space programme at the time but can't remember this. Wonder why Abbeydale hamlet ?
  5. What a wonderful film, thanks for posting that, I've only just watched it for the first time. Fleeting glimpse of the old neon sign at Hillsborough. I started going to Hillsborough on New Years Eve 1966. Walked back to the station after the match many times to save the bus fare ! and remember all those terraced houses along and behind Penistone Road where the leisure centre is now. Later on, I went on motorbikes then, of course by car following that route past Presto tools. Brought back many memories, thanks.
  6. Great photo ! Pity the Adelphi had to go, it would be a right place of pilgrimage for Owls today! I've been on many occasions but I don't like the Crucible much. However it can't be denied that it's been an asset to Sheffield.
  7. For a while Sinatras used to open at dinnertime and serve cracking meals at great prices. I used to have scampi and chips for £1.25.
  8. Up the road to the right was a cafe called Annabelles in the early seventies. Used to go in after going to one of the earliest Virgin Stores (1973). Only went in the PUMP a couple of times, can't remember anything about it. Was where the buses park now. (I think !)
  9. Before a concert at the City Hall we always went down the stairs to the Wapentake. Good music and a football table. Happy days.
  10. I seem to remember Michael Cook did a sort of consumer programme (poor mans Jimmy Young!) on Radio Sheffield. Tony Capstick used to hand over to him, calling him "Cookie". Might be remembering wrongly but I think TC did a morning show at one time and Cook took over at 9. Don't know where he lived but I occasional saw him in Bill Roebucks newsagents on Oakbrook Road. Think he sadly died of motor neurone disease. Haven't checked any of this, just what I remember.
  11. I went to see the Albertos, still have the ticket. Sunday December 3rd 1978. Ticket number 885 £1.80. Police supported them, think Roxanne was just climbing the charts. Also saw Graham Parker and the Rumour in 1977 (saw them this month too at Holmfirth Picturedrome with all 6 original membes, brilliant) Also The Motors who were supported by Motorhead.
  12. Did Def Leppard ever play the wapentake? I saw a few local bands there (by accident as I used to go in there a bit) and think DL was one of them. Could easily be mistaken though!
  13. I took a photo years ago when it was painted blue and white and called the Owl. Will post when I can find it!! It then shut down for a while and reverted to it's original name.
  14. Not old enough but I once bought some programmes off his nephew!
  15. I drive past the Rex site on my way to Hillsborough and never ever fail to remember it with fondness. From 1975 until it closed I visited the sweet shop once a month with my job. I had to go at teatime when they were opening and Miss Ward/the staff always let me watch the film afterwards.