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  1. Gerald Holden, used to have a shop at Walkley 1980's.
  2. The wife's grandfather died from Scarlet fever 1923, age 38.
  3. 1891 -4ct3h Dun St- 4- 88 -3816 Clark Jno head M 38 general laborer NTT Carlton Clark Annie wife M 35 scissor burnisher YKS Sheffield Clark Sam son 4m YKS Sheffield Clark Matthew son 2 YKS Sheffield Clark Bertha dau 4 YKS Pontefract Clark Willie son 7 scholar YKS Pontefract Clark Jno son 12 scholar YKS Pontefract Clark Eliz dau S 16 general servant YKS Sheffield Clark Herbert son S 14 hairdresser apprentice YKS Sheffield
  4. 1963 Directory has Nellie Whiting at 444 in between the Cambridge grounds and 452 Cambridge beerhouse as seen in the link from Britain above.
  5. At least back into the 1890's most probably earlier.
  6. Found this while looking through old newspapers, a christmas 322 years ago.rtf
  7. Looks likely Warrender -William was at Pitsmoor Road/Roe Lane
  8. Any idea of a name.
  9. I thought of Wardsend, style of fencing, but of the cottages/old rolling mill off Livesey Street, Can be seen middle of picture here,
  10. Thomas was related to my wife, as far as i know Alice's mother was related to Thomas' wife Alice Mary Bolas, from my notes, Marriages Sep 1885 BOLAS Martha Louisa Sheffield 9c 541 Marriages ---sister to Alice Mary -mother to Alice Maud Seston Willey Sheffield 9c 541 Marriages
  11. Corner of Sedgely Road- Penistone Road? 1930's?
  12. From a booklet by Paul Hodkinson, In 1938 the Parkwood Ganister and Coal Mine opened, the mine is described in an article, ‘The City’s Most Central Pit is also a happy one’ The Star 1st April 1954. The mine was a drift mine, the shaft being driven horizontally into the hillside instead of downwards. It was described as a happy pit, because of no falls, accidents, labour trouble or strikes. The Labour Force was 28 miners, 5 surface men and one pit pony ‘Tommy’. The mine produced about 200 tons of ganister and 40 tons of coal per week. On the surface were small pit head baths and a small canteen for miners. By 1954 the main road had been driven about half a mile into the hillside. Mr. Yates retired director of Messrs, Pickford, Holland and Company Ltd, who took over the mine in 1945, from Webster and Company, stated that it was not a drift mine, as the level dropped 1 in 10 to the east, and water flowed down to the face from where it had to be pumped out. The coal was sold to Neepsend Power Station until the power station’s local residents complained of sulphur fumes from it. The mine was closed in 1963 because it was uneconomic.
  13. Try this,
  14. That's what I reckon.