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  1. Thanks for that info,any ideas of early tobacco companies there were years ago or dates the poster may have been made? It really is a mystery.
  2. What is your favourite viewpoint? Mine are the views along White edge and Frogat edge, just beautiful. Winnats pass is out of this world,see below. Any photos? Lets see who gets the best!
  3. Has anyone heard of the BBc drama from the nineties called Rock Face? It was set in Fort William and was about a team of mountain rescuers working in the Highlands I have season 2 but not 1, cam any one help me get it or knows how I can get it online please?
  4. Still awaiting news on this picture please? Any ideas? Anything? I know nothing about this picture, just that it is old and my grandad owned it, Help please!!
  5. I remember this film coming out in the eighties, it terrified me to be honest . I have recently bought it and it still does but I feel some parts of the film are cut. Some of my friends from school appeared in the protest scenes and with the after effects of the bomb. Can anyone remember when the bomb hit that it blew up Sheffield's water tower? Not a film for the feint hearted, but a film you will never forget.
  6. Thanks for that syrup, really appreciate your help.
  7. Did anyone go to the old Dinnington Junior and infants? 1975? Did anyone go to Dinnington Comprehensive? 1979+ Did anyone go to Rother Valley college around 1984+? love to her from anyone that did or if anyone has any old photos Thanks
  8. Anyone remember or have any pictures of this old firm? I had family members work there Thanks
  9. Anyone heard of or know where my old friend is living? She will be about 44 now. Last heard of in Rotherham Thanks
  10. Hi there A question Who could survive without their mobile phones today? I have never had one and never wanted one, it disturbs me when people tell me they couldnt live without one!! COULD YOU?
  11. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me with some information about this print I have. It was given to me by my Grandad years ago and he had had it awhile. I have looked on the internet and cannot find anything!! I would appreciate any help Thanks in advance.