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  1. Hillsborough Park

    It was a private residential country estate for the Dixon family (steel magnates). And before them another family. I want to say the Steeds? Anyway the estate covered way more than Hillsborough Park. But when the estate was sold it was broken up and the council purchased the land that we now know as Hillsborough Park and hey presto.... A park was born.
  2. Rare and Racy to close at the end of June

    My dad was a rare book dealer back in the 70's and early 80's (he sold detective fiction) so as a kid I spent a lot of time there - and with the Capes family who ran the place. Sorry to see it go. Very fond memories. Sad too, as it was a very real, physical link to my Dad who died in '84. There's not a lot left now! Last time we were back in Britain (a few years ago), I took my daughter there (she was a toddler at the time) on a kind of pilgrimage/ connection with the past. Glad I got the chance.