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  1. Anybody know anything about the Boot and Shoe, I've always presumed it was the Blue Bell's original name. One of my great uncles James Staniforth was landlord there before moving down to The New Inn (now Hackenthorpe Vets) and then his son George took over the New Inn (This is back in the 1800s). I've found mentions of it in Newspapers at various dates in the 1800s and the first mention of Blue Bell appears to be 1874.
  2. I'm trying to find mentions of Robert Staniforth, son of William Staniforth and Elizabeth Thorpe, he has been refered to as Robert Staniforth of Ford which is obviously the small hamlet just south of Ridgeway that has Ford Farm. His father William was baptized 1560 Norton (I have this record) and he married Elizabeth Thorpe who was daughter of Christopher Thorpe, baptized 1581. William has burial at Eckington on 16 AUG 1630 and Elizabeth's is 1627. I believe Robert must have been baptized before the Eckington Records seem to start, so it would have been in the early 1600s, his brother William married Dorothy Monk (I have both of their wills), another brother John of Sload Lane married a Sarah (No surname yet), he had another brother Samuel Stannyforthe, and two sisters Dorcas and Elizabeth Stannyforthe. I've tried searching the same books that I used to find mention of Henry Stannyforthe on Williams baptism in 1560 but no luck, the only mention I find of him is his name is mentioned in a Derbyshire book that refers to him as yeoman Robert Stannyforthe of the Ford.
  3. Does anyone know the best way to find out about the Landlord history of pubs, I've come to find my Staniforths owned various pubs over the years, some still around such as The George, Eckington, and some long gone such as The New Inn, Hackenthorpe and the old Blue Bell.
  4. Thanks Bonnie, I've discovered these weren't what I was looking for, I will be making a trip to the archives to look at the Court Rolls as well as the Alderson & Dust solicitors collection, there's a ton of letters and other documents related to the Staniforths that I'm interested in seeing, I was amazed when I saw the list of items they have and I saw personal letters and correspondences on there!
  5. Sevenairs Road, Beighton - Apparently this got it's name from a local doctor who used to say there was "Seven Airs" in the countryside in that area. I got this information from the old Picture book "Around Hackenthorpe"
  6. Well I wasn't expecting that, is it a proper stone structure? I wish we had something like that growing up in Hackenthorpe, it certainly is unique!
  7. Just came across this old Star Article which apparently shows 'Mosborough Castle' at the top, the thing is, there is no Mosborough Castle as far as I know? Where is the castle in the picture??
  8. Thanks for posting the link syrup, Rosamund who wrote that book is suffering with end stage dementia unfortunately but the book and research she provided has been a God send, her research has been the foundation for which mine has been built, I basically took what she came up with back in the early 2000s and built upon it, honestly if it wasn't for her we wouldn't have half the Staniforth tree we have today. I should point out that if you know a Staniforth with roots in Beighton, Eckington, Ridgeway, Mosborough or Hackenthorpe then you'll surely be linked to the rest of us in some way.
  9. Thanks Dawn, Got to be honest I was expecting there to be more information than there actually was on there, but I definitely appreciate the transcriptions nonetheless
  10. Thank you very much Gordon, this will be a huge help. Nathan
  11. Sod's law, my Find My Past subscription expires and then I discover something, I've come across some Court Rolls featuring my relatives, there's 16 results here that I am unable to see, would anyone be able to help?
  12. Does anyone know where Lewitt Farm at Killamarsh could be, one of my ancestors wills from 1671 refers to a 'Lewitt farme in Killamarshe co. Derby' does anyone have any idea where this could be/could have been. Here's the full will: STANIFORD or STANIFORTH, William - of Sloadlane i/t/p Eckington co. Derby, shearsmith, 5 Jun 1671 [23 Chas II] to son Thomas STANIFORD - messuage barnes & buildings and 12 acres of land &c. called Lewitt farme in Killamarshe co. Derby … lately bought of Robert COWLEY of Renishaw & one meadow called Plank Meadow in Killamarshe … lately bought of John HARRIS of Killamarshe (est. 4 acres); to eldest son William STANIFORD - one cottage & barne & one acre … to the same adjoineing &c. in Killamarshe … lately bought of Charles MUNKES & Richard INCE "for & in full of his childs ryte & portion"; to my daughter Elizabeth now wife of Nathaniel GREAVES - 12d.; to my daughter Judith now wife of Henry BOOTH - 12d.; to Mary, Judith, & Thomas BOOTH (children of said Henry BOOTH & Judith his wife) - £10 equally when of full age or marryed … payed to my brother Robert STANIFORD by my Executrix within one yeare; to my foure daughters Sara, Martha, Mary & Dorothy - £60 at 21 or marryed. Sole Executrix: my now wife Dorothy - she to have all the rest &c. Signed William STANIFORTH or STANIFORD, with: Witnesses: John STANIFORD, Burrows TRIPPETT, Leonard COWLEY. Inventory by: John STANIFORTH, Robert STANIFORTH, Francis MARYLES ?, Francis ATTKIN, 27 Jun 1671. Total: £81-10s, one Bond due from William WATER £10, one Bond due from George TOMPSON £14. Debts oweing: by the Testator £11. Probate granted at Chesterfield 4 Oct 1671 to ? Radulphus (Ralph) HEATHCOTE; before Johan COOPE surrogate.
  13. Found an old photo of the workers today, dated 1937
  14. Got some photos of Greenside House last week, the Staniforths old house that still stands at the side of the Staniforth Works.
  15. That's right, it's now used as the community centre.