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  1. I have a couple of B&W 35mm slide photos of the Wortley RDC offices taken in the early 1960's one snowy day. PM me if they are of interest to you, they are on my laptop.
  2. That has just made my day!! Don't remember seeing that picture before but the faces are so familiar and can confirm that seven of the players names are in my book. None were collected on match day, the crowd was over 42000 so little chance of a small boy getting autographs that day.{Apparently I was so upset that Wednesday lost 2-1 that I wouldn't eat my tea that evening!} Notice how the defence are all standing and carefully "height graded"(the biggest in the centre) with numbers 7 to 11 (L to R) seated. That leather T ball was considered by us kids to be the best available, though any very wet leather ball heavy and difficult to deal with. In the second post on this thread I mentioned Cyril Turton's courage on such occasions in later years.
  3. Yes! I bought one of those that day, sadly when I started work a 'springclean' saw the disappearance of a number of memorabilia items (including Dinky toys) and included that programme Fortunately I still have my Autograph Book and a few Wednesday players' signatures of the 40's as a nostalgic record. Many thanks dunsbyowl1867 for your post,
  4. So the pool had only been open some seven months when this sad event occurred and five months before WW2. Many thanks Edmund for confirming the date and details of this tragedy.
  5. Thank you Edmund for the interesting information and old map,perhaps more attention should have been given to the detail given by that 1892 map before the Authorities constructed the Ambulance Station on Crowder Road (on the site of that pond between the old Longley Farm and Longley Hall) ! There was a small stream feeding that pond from 'The Hollow', that band of trees to the west, allegedly from a spring but it seemed to be intermittent flow at times. Allotment gardens were developed there,where it was possible, during WW2 though not adjacent to Crowder Road. Some minor changes have been made to boundaries though the course of Bagley Dike,largely underground, still traces the old 'Ecclesfield/Sheffield' demarcation back to its source near Moonshine Lane. Does anyone remember a member of the staff being found drowned one morning in the pool, probably in the 40's?
  6. Hope to jog a few memories with this extract from the November 1952 OS survey before extensive landfill in the SE corner of the park (the land fronting Longley Lane/Crowder Road) to form the 'Golf' course. The paddling pool and sandpit, together with Bagley Dike adjacent, were also well patronized.
  7. I was taken there a few days after it opened and shivered within seconds of getting in the water!! It rarely improved over the years in spite of the large numbers who helped to warm up the water. Here's a photo I took in 1969:-
  8. Quite a bit of history on this location and Sutherland Road has attracted its own thread previously. The window pattern seems similar but the spacing and number of frames does not appear to be the same when compared with the external view. There is more brickwork between the frames on the internal picture than seen on the external shot. It is not clear what the other long wall has by way of windows (if any). I remember going to see a Gala in the 40's so there must have been a balcony. Picture Sheffield commented on this identity problem three years ago when it was last discussed. It will need a bit of research into the Architects who did the design to see where else they built baths as, for me, the pool looks bigger than the site. (Tardis?)
  9. And the lamp post ! Well done everyone,great teamwork.
  10. Finally, looks like the answer to the "England/Scotland" encounter at Hillsborough was in fact an "Army in England XI v Army in Scotland XI" fixture which was played on 4th April 1942. I was wrong on the score as 'England' won 4-1 with Tommy Lawton (3) and Jimmy Hagan (1) scoring for 'England' though after 75 years memories can be expected to waver on details!
  11. Perhaps someone will recognize this trio at a famous ground.
  12. By way of an update on my previous posts, I have found a preview on Google books of 'A Record of British Wartime Football' by Brian McColl which has confirmed for me the date of my first visit to Hillsborough. It was 14th April 1941 and the score was 3-1 ( North Regional League), a goalless draw against United earlier was on 25/12/1940 only a couple of weeks after the Blitz. The Mansfield Town fixtures were later on 7th & 14th Nov 1942 the Northern Cup Final against Blackpool was April/May 1943 as stated in the previous post. Still looking for the date of the England/Scotland Representative game at Hillsborough 'before resumption of normal service'!.
  13. During the Centenary Year of Brightside School in 1978 a 15 page brochure containing excerpts from the Log Books was produced and pages 10 &11 are copied here together with a picture of a Certificate of Merit awarded to pupils in their final year at Sheffield schools ( in those days!-1915). There must have been quite a number of copies of this brochure produced at the time by the School, it is a very interesting read.
  14. The area I think you are referring to was the Tyler Street huts which have been covered on earlier posts both on this website and on Sheffield Forum (Google: 'Tyler Street huts' for more details). The 'picturesheffield' website has an aerial view at 's22643' and this http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s20970&pos=14&action=zoom&id=23466 may stir your memories as well. Another site worth a visit is the 'wincobanklivinghistory.co.uk'.
  15. If you look at this OS map (No 60 on page 4) http://www.sheffieldhistory.co.uk/forums/topic/4008-os-maps-of-sheffield-and-district-195039s-over-300-of-them-33/?page=4#comment-22809 Also maps 173 and 175 on page 9 you may be able to identify where your Grandad lived. The coverage of this area is not complete but I'm sure other members on this Forum will be able to add their local knowledge. Click on the map to enlarge and scroll up or down (or left to right) as necessary to give a better fix on the location.