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  1. Thank you . That backs up my theory. Thanks all for your help.
  2. Does anyone have any knowledge of what was going around in the 1920's please ? 5 members of my family, in the same household all died between 1922 and 28-.in 3 different addresses. I was thinking that something like T.B. may have been responsible . Any help would be very welcome.
  3. The Band I was with did warm up for Rod Stewart and the Hollies, Rod was stuck on Victoria station in the freezing cold for a long time before being picked up , he was not a happy bunny.
  4. My brother Roy and I went there also. I was at nursery 1948/9.
  5. Ernest went on to be Captain of 62nd Coy. Creswick Greave. I took over when he left. His wife ran the juniors.
  6. Only just joined the site so I am way out of date here but I was around at this time doing Dof E gold. We must know each other. I am in Devon now.John Spenser is some one I remember . We were 62nd coy at Creswick Greave - Yew Lane.
  7. Hello Chap Lad. You were in the 62nd Coy. Creswick Greave Methodist church. I joined at 12 and stayed on to become Captain before moving to Devon. We were married there also. We must know each other. Did you ever go to camps in the summer ?
  8. Thank you for that. There were newts in the pond which was left behind. We used to watch em swimming around in the reads. I thought the guns were put there to protect our steel works in W.W.2 I remember the Master Cutler now you mention it." Thanks for the memory "
  9. Thanks again Dunsbyowl (madfan)
  10. Thanks for your trouble - very helpfull
  11. Yes I remember watching the Flying Scotsman go past. Went to Brightside School for a couple of years including the Nursery.
  12. We lived on Walling Road, The next street was Bubwith road {poss. wrong spelling}
  13. When I was a lad round 1950, we lived with Grandad for a while in Brightside. The houses were all rented and terraced with a passage down the middle in to a communal yard. At the bottom were a row of outside toilets - no bathrooms , but a tin bath , as was normal, 2 up and 2 down, except we were posh as we had the space over the passage which was me and my brothers bedroom. I have no one left in my family to ask , but two streets on in the direction of Wincobank, was a large area of ground which looked like it had been bombed and flattened. If it was, it looks like we were lucky. Can anyone give me information on this please ? Above on the hill top were structures which we were told were for the gun emplacements which were to protect the engineering and steel works. They were just bellow us. That is all I know, I would love to know more of the story.
  14. anyone remember The Citizens, later became The Male Set ?
  15. I got one of a back to back row of these at Pitsmore on the Sheffield Libraries site. SHEFFIELD RECORDS ON LINE. Try that.