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  1. Does it still do anything? And when it did, what did it do?
  2. Thank you for this memory! Assuming it's the same shop (on the other side of the road from, for example, the Fifty Shilling Tailor and the library) then I regularly bought my Airfix aeroplane kits there, and I do remember the glass cabinet of fireworks, I bought some of those too.
  3. Who was a cheeky boy then? Best of luck explaining that situation to Bo, whom I once interviewed, and who was a no-nonsense, straight-talking and indeed cantankerous man. But surely Pete would still have had to pay them something?
  4. Redgates Toy Shop - Sheffield - Photos

    Yes indeed - I had Bayko and loved building houses with it. Apparently it was owned by Meccano. I think that a new upstart competitor was just starting off, but I couldn't see how bricks with knobbles on them would ever catch on. That was Lego.
  5. 1960 Sheffield tram journey.

    Found! (In Tesco).
  6. 1960 Sheffield tram journey.

    Yes indeed! I looked for Scott's Porage Oats in a supermarket recently and could find only blasted Quaker, which were never as good.
  7. Sheffield The Last Trams

    Thanks, Lemmy, just as I thought.
  8. A crafty ***? Cigarette perhaps? Why do you use asterisks? Lulu was attractive as a teenage star and still looks pretty darned crunchy today, she has kept her looks well.
  9. Had you been to the pub before taking those photos? Only joking, the clock is a fine piece - I am surprised that it is still there.
  10. Thanks Bev! I assume that you took the photo; would you mind if I saved it and published it on a vintage ska and reggae forum of which I am a member? I wonder why he's never booked to appear at any of the ska festivals which happen around Britain. Could you please tell me some of the songs which he sings? Does he still sing mostly ska (or "blue beat" as we used to call it as kids) or different music?
  11. Thank you, Steve. Yes, that would fit my memory - I was still at Gleadless County School at that time, and I do remember that it was a good summer (if only because it was the year that my parents took me on hols to Brittany for the first time, little suspecting that they were planting the seeds of a lifelong love of France). When I got back to school I got permission from my form teacher, Mr. Iossen, to write the story of our French trip instead of doing the normal weekly English compositions. I think it extended to six weekly episodes, andi t must have bored the ass off the poor man.
  12. Yes, Steve, thanks, I think you are probably right, and that my parents thought that it was Ashopton. I wonder if there was any particular year when the water level dropped so low that Derwent's remains were revealed? I can remember other people as well as us wandering about there.
  13. When I was a small boy my parents took me to Ladybower to walk amongst the remains of Ashopton, which had been drowned when the reservoir was filled; a very dry summer had lowered the water level and exposed the village. I would guess that this was late 1950s. But I don't recall a viaduct towering over it; had it been demolished? Was it not actually at Ashopton but some distance away? Or is it simply that I have forgotten it?
  14. Cravens Of Darnall

    It doesn't sound as if the class 112 and 113 trains were very successful either, if they had a working life of under ten years. What was wrong with them?
  15. Sheffield Victoria Station

    Thanks. The internet, which is always right, variously lists Falcon as a class 53 and a class 47! Also, I see that DP2, though I think built seeking the same contract, looked more like a Deltic.