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  1. I would be surprised if you can't buy oatcakes in a grocers shop or supermarket, though they will not be as nice as home made like the recipe above. In Scotland they are traditionally made on a girdle, (girdle not griddle as in England and Ireland). The girdle would originally have hung over an open fire. Picture here of one brand of oatcakes and a girdle. (c) and
  2. Not a problem but interesting how the site code is interpreted differently in different browsers and also when some browsers are used maximised or restored to a smaller size. Pictures below to illustrate what I get. I also find that when changing pages I do have to reload each tab in the two Mozilla based browsers but not in Opera, For me Opera is much faster on this site as well.
  3. The one in Fitzalan Square was Wilson Gumperts who at one time were owned by Redgates. After being bombed in the Sheffield Blitz, Redgates moved to temporary premises on Ecclesall Road before moving back to The Moor in 1954. They also had a shop at the top of Fargate on the corner of Surrey Street but that was much earlier. Wilson Gumpert covered here ------ And details here including the picture below ---------- (c)
  4. I have just had a quick glance and can't see what you are looking for, but you should be able to view the other pages. Have you tried reloading the tab if the next page doesn't load. This is a problem not not just on this site but on many that use software that seem to push their luck with the latest HTML coding, leaving errors and making pages browser specific. The other option could be try a different browser and even then you may need to reload each tab. I have just changed to Firefox because the "Unread Content" tab did not show in my favourite browser (Pale Moon).
  5. Thread here regarding Bungay Street Togger, I have to reload the tab each time I change the page. ------------
  6. Just realized the Morris ½-ton series III did not have the moulding line on the wing but was otherwise similar , so if it is one of them it was built between 56 and 62.
  7. I see what you mean but flared wheel arches, hub caps and bumper don't look like a Standard and the wings look level with the bonnet. It's a pity we could not see just a bit more of it.
  8. The van on the left looks like an Austin A152 forward control van (also sold as Austin J2 and Morris J2) They were made between 1956 and 1967. They were the ones with a reversed gear change gate, low gear stick positions on the off side of the vehicle. The one on the right looks to me like one of the Austin half ton vans, the hub caps look Austin and I think I can see the flying A bonnet badge but I can't see the moulding line down the wing.
  9. I think we reached just about the same conclusion Togger though you noticed a couple of clues I missed. I remember it when Embassy Court was there and that part of School Lane had gone, I think the bottom bit may have become the rear access to the flats, at least there was access in a similar position. There were two houses above The Plumpers on Duke street between the pub and School Lane as in the picture below (c) Picture Sheffield;EQUALS;s04294&pos=3&action=zoom&id=7802 ----------- Here is also the map with overlay (c) NLS
  10. UPLOAD IS WORKING AGAIN so here is the Google Street view image I referred to above and what I think is the roof of the Plumpers from Bard Street when Embassy Court was being built (c) Picture Sheffield -----------------;EQUALS;u00265&pos=2&action=zoom&id=35736
  11. Hard to explain anything without uploads but I think The Plumpers would have been just a little lower down to the right of the tree on the left in the picture on this link. Crown Alley bang opposite Anson Street would have come out just where the tree is. ----------------,-1.4582727,3a,75y,77.73h,97.32t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sM53txC-u1aKzgh7DYvBq-g!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!6m1!1e1?hl=en ------------------- I think this can be verified on this map with overlay from NLS. Just hoping the links work! --------------- ------------- (c) Google Maps and NLS
  12. I can see your map thanks, though I did the same thing further up and my link takes you to the Drop Box image but I got a message to say the link could not be embedded. I did send a message to Admin.
  13. I have zoomed on the map provided by Voldy but it won't upload so here is a link, hope this helps. --------
  14. We have been here before, on the Bus Photo's thread bus man and transit seem to think the same as me, perhaps there were different colours at different times but I remember a dark blue trainer when I first went on the buses. We also had towing wagons in the reversed Farington livery. I have a picture of a trainer about 1950 in the reversed livery but the site upload keeps failing. EDIT here is a link to the picture -----------------
  15. I may be wrong but from memory it may be dark blue, driver trainers at the time were usually painted in the reverse livery but I think some never got the cream bands or only got one.