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  1. This is a fantastic and informative thread!
  2. Street Name Signs

    I believe I've read that this name change happened a few years either side of 1900 (there were a lot of street name changes at the time as the city grew, to avoid duplication). Got to love the fact that no-one alive remembers the old name and yet there it is!
  3. Ryle Road, Nether Edge

    Prince Imperial Villas today. Not only an original sign but what appears to be a carved head too!
  4. Western Road in Crookes has a World War One memorial plaque by the school and also has several trees planted in memorial to the local fallen. These trees are currently the subject of controversy between the council and campaign groups. Does anyone have any information or contemporary accounts of the planting of memorial trees? There appear to have been several other streets in the city where such memorials were planted too. Was it a cross city programme? Many thanks.
  5. LED threat to Webb sewer gas destructor lamps

    Despite Street Ahead I would suggest as they are only carrying out their legal responsibility on listed objects unlike so much else that has been stripped out of our streets.
  6. Drainspotting!

    An oval shaped Post Office telephones cover on Ecclesall Road South. Don't think I've seen another one.
  7. I recently came across the old pinfold on Hillfoot Rd, Totley, which has been well kept as a public space with an informative information board. How many pinfolds were in the city? What do people know of their operation and history? http://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/1688081
  8. Think it's on a building opposite St Marie's.
  9. Ryle Road, Nether Edge

    Just had a close look at the road and, despite living nearby, I've never seen how striking the two original properties are. They still have a nice clear stone sign outside reading 'Prince Imperial Villas' too. The old maps and information make a lot of sense now. Many thanks.
  10. Old Gaslamp Post

    That one has been in the same poor state for years. I don't know any others either. It obviously used to be nice!
  11. Ryle Road, Nether Edge

    Great stuff! New Machon Bank Road on the map is now Moncrieffe Road, part of a street name rationalisation in 1890 (there still is Machon Bank and Machon Bank Rd nearby). And the tree is in the middle of the road!
  12. Can I ask our map experts to see if Ryle Road was part of the planned lay out of Nether Edge? It's a strange road linking Moncrieffe and Montgomery Roads and is well known in the area for having a tree in the middle of the road at the Montgomery Rd end. Was it an access road of some kind or always meant to be what it is? It appears on the 1901 map, which might help. Thanks
  13. Formed and based in Ventnor Place, Sharrow/Nether Edge. Never heard of it? http://www.picturesheffield.com/frontend.php?keywords=Ref_No_increment;EQUALS;s22695&pos=1&action=zoom&id=25159
  14. Highfield

    Sheffield Wednesday (then The Wednesday) played where you describe on Myrtle Rd in the 1870's. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myrtle_Road
  15. Help recognising these Sheffield places from 1902

    Fantastic film made by Mitchell and Kenyon and then played in public showings. They included as many people as possible on the grounds that they would part with a penny or two to see themselves on the big screen.