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  1. At the rear of Rare and Racy on Devonshire Street, street art by Phlegm.
  2. George Harvey & Co. Charlton Iron works, Chapeltown. 1901, 1905, 1911 & 1925 directories.
  3. That was the Butcher Works
  5. Published December 07 1878.
  6. Just a possibility, Atkin Brothers and their predecessors, owts better than nowt .... John Law (& Sons) 1775-1824 "The business was continued by his sons John and William, and later by Joseph Law (probably the son of John, as in an 1830 directory he is quoted as "Joseph Law, late John Law & Son")." From ..
  7. As I remember the snooker room backed on to the car park, I think this was the window in the snooker room (on the R/H side of image), seen here from Wicker Lane.
  8. Made me laugh ())
  9. Out of the photo here, but what looks to be a garage frontage on the far left.;EQUALS;s13168
  10. And I thought you was swearing Later than you state, but the 1965 directory lists Blue Star Garage Ltd., at 215 Attercliffe Road.
  11. A bit before my time, but would this be the one on the corner of Royds Mill Street?
  12. Henderson's Relish bottle found at the site of the Battle of the Somme Read more:
  13. I do not think that back yard is used as a loading bay anymore, the delivery vehicles seem to park on the front of the shop on Gleadless Road and new stock is now taken in via the front entrance.
  14. Built as a Co-op Duckweed, and has always been a Co-op.