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  1. Hello John,happy new year to you .I had forgotten ide posted this thread thanks for your reply.Kevins family lived accross from us on Shenstone Rd. in the 1940s our family name was Tingle at that time,I lost track of Kevin and Janet when we were about 17/18yrs of age . I have tried various methods of finding him without any luck .I do have an electoral address No1 Dickenson Court,Sheffield s352zs but this is dated 2008/9 .Do you think between us we could trace him.its more difficult for me as i have lived in Spain for over 30 yrs now .I would still like to make contact regards David Tingle.
  2. Hi i used to live on Shenstone rd. 1nthe 1940s .There used to be a shop on Leppings Lane near to the football ground belonging to a Mr. Tagg he had a son called Hawksley Tagg .I seem to remember it as newsagent but cannot be sure.Hawksley and i were friends in the late 40s early 50s are you of the same family?
  3. the shaddows ,could it be Norman Curtis i remember watching him against Stan Mathews at Hillsbro ,Norman never left him alone all afternoon just about played Stan off the field.He did this with most wingers.I think Alan Finney ,Ken Mackintosh,George Davis were playing about this time.
  4. Thanks for the info Neddy .When we came to Spain 30yrs ago we opened a bar guess what ? we called it Mr Punch and the statue was fixed to the top of the beer pump.Made a really good talking point .
  5. Hi Neddy you are right .Mr Punch was going to be thrown into a skip when the Park Hotel was modernised in the 50s my asked to keep it for a keepsake.There was also another bar lighter which was a figure of Vesta Tilly which was made out of pewter.Only wish mum had got that one as well.As a matter of interest did you know the pub had its own bowling green in those days its now the car park .If anyone wants to know more about the original layout of the Park Hotel i will be glad to help.Thats the way to do it ||||
  6. Hi just watched this film, brilliant memories especially the holerith depart where i worked at this time ,sotted my old boss and a few old workmates , thanks for the memories.
  7. it would be a waste of relish, I always thought Hendo's was a special product not in competition with other relishes, it compliments certain dishes only Hendo's can. Just bought 2 more bottles here in Javea. THATS THE WAY TO DO IT.
  8. Hi,I used to live at the Park Hotel on Wadsley Lane in the late 40s early50s Im sorry but there is no church on Wadsley Lane , the nearest would be on Carlton Rd. I believe its the United reform church now . I think it used to be hillsbro taberacle in the old days.Sorry not to be of help.good luck with the tree.
  9. Hello Togger,I dont know if this is of any help , but a schoolfriend of mine used to live there in the early 50s his name was John Illingworth. His dad ran a carpenters buisness from there , they seem to have been established for quite a long time . the workshop was close to the entrance to the Niagra sports ground, which used to belong to the Sheffield police.Try using the name Illingworth on Electoral rolls .hope this is of help. Thats the way to do it.
  10. I went to Parkside rd. 1946 to 1957 left age 15 went to work at sam fox stocksbridge
  11. Hello , sorry i cant give you dates on the memorial,but i can tell you that my aunt was a nurse during that time and met a Belgium soldier who suffered schrapnell wounds ,they later married and had 2 daughters in Sheffield ,after the war ended not sure what year they moved to his farm in Belgium not too far from Ypres and had a further 8 children.Over the last few years my family has been in constant touch with our extended family which now numbers between 80 and 90 Belgium relatives.Just another true love story from ww1.
  12. the SODA FOUNTAIN 1970S David Margaret and Mark how things used to be.
  13. [attachment=40560:DSCF3318.JPG] nostalgia trip my old buisiness THE SODA FOUNTAIN date july 2012
  14. they were my childhood friends from Shenstone rd Hillsbr'o mid 40s to late 50s . would love to make contact again.any information most welcome.
  15. Hi I was born and bred in Hillsbro and i never knew this much history about the barracks, brilliant info .One question relating to other threads (tunnels under Sheffield) my parents told me there were tunnels from city centre to the Barracks , can anyone confirm.! war baby.thats the way to do it.