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  1. The Talbot family had been long time Lords of Sheffield Manor...The family became the Earls of Shrewsbury, one of whom married Bess ( of Hardwick) Widowed the lady married Wm Cavendish whose family became the Dukes of Devonshire...and owned much of the land around and in Sheffield. There is a vast amount of information on the internet but a visit to Sheffield Local Studies library might be a good place to start...I do remember at one time there existed an Estate Office for the Devonshires in Sheffield....or was it the Norfolk's?
  2. I remember the StoneHouse before it was turned into a "fun" house. The Landlord was a real character... Bill Hoffman...a Dutchman who once told me at the invasion of Holland he was training to be a Doctor ...He escaped the Nazis and served in the British Army.
  3. That's the Leslie Ord I remember.
  4. No offence taken...I was just pointing out that these days the word is as offensive to some people as is the term ni**er .
  5. Not to put too fine a point on it but the term "Kaffir" is considered, these days, as a contemptuous and insulting term for a black African.
  6. I find that really interesting especially as around that same time an ancestor of mine was a white slave in penal Australia....with no chance of escape.
  7. I was born and lived in the area 'till I was in my forties. Longley Park and the Brushes playing fields were my backyard but I never knew the dike was called "Bagley". Thanks for an interesting piece...sadly, I haven't returned for over 30 years.
  8. Just a thought...Whatever happened to the sewer gas given that so many of these lamps have disappeared? Is it still there? If so, how do they dispose of it?
  9. Starting at Grammar School I found myself talking to a lad who told me he came from Philadelphia. I only knew of the American place and quietly wondered why he had a broad Sheffield accent...never realising that my town also had a Philadelphia....and that was on day one. I learned much more as time went on and reckon I learn something new every day.
  10. And the hill behind the pool was our very own winter Cresta Run with many of us receiving a bruised arm after failing to stop before the sledge hit the wooden fence. In summer, as others have remarked, the pool was always freezing and usually had a scum of grass clippings around the side. I remember the Park keeper( seated) regularly giving us a chase after some infringement or other.
  11. "Lies and destruction from Amey and SCC". Whatever are you talking about? Please enumerate.
  12. Having swum at Glossop Road baths ( they aren't on West Street) I have to say I can't recall it having open roof trusses.
  13. As history dude states Leopold Street has no slope. It did have tram lines but so did (still does) Commercial Street. The building to the left looks like the now empty Yorkshire Bank ( anyone notice even though empty for some years its internal lights are still on!) The low building to its right reminds me of the Stock Exchange but is its neighbour the old Gas Company Offices? Can't remember any railings but they may well have been removed during WW2 for scrap....really can't see it being Leopold Street.
  14. As I have already remarked I have found this thread extremely interesting and I am reminded that Sheffield was, for very many years, a major manufacturer of agricultural and horticultural implements and components...S & J Kitchen ( who latterly moved to Chesterfield), A Spafford and Co, Wm Parkin, Tyzack Sons and Turner, Wm Tyzack, and Tempered Spring being just some I remember .
  15. Never thought my wide bottomed, large lapelled suits, together with my "stack heels" and flower power tie would ever be called "vintage" wonder I get stared at when I go out for my fish and chips.