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  1. Wouldn't this be more appropriate on the "Sheffield people re-united" thread?
  2. "Sick and divides" were pretty commonplace in many of our local companies...a legacy of the days before statutory sick pay.
  3. I seem to remember that during the 70/80's the disused Methodist chapel, referred to, was occupied by a steel analysis company owned by a chap called Ron Armitage who had an assistant who had played knurr and spell up Grenoside way!
  4. The sad thing about Redgates is that despite all of our happy reminiscences the shop closed because of a lack of demand...too many people looked around and then bought elsewhere to save a bob or two.
  5. I understand that Shiregreen Council school was used as a hospital during WW1
  6. Sheffield is well known in some quarters as being "Philistine City"!
  7. An appeal was started in 2014 for a new memorial commemorating those Frecheville estate men who gave their lives. There is a commemorative plaque for the trees which were re-dedicated with the names of those who had fallen.
  8. Of the over 700 Sheffield War Memorials listed by the Imperial War Museum the following include trees...Their locations are:- Meersbrook Park Primary School; Devonshire Green; Western Road; Weston Park; Frecheville Community Centre; Tay St/Oxford St, Ecclesfield Park ; the former Crookes Congregational Church,Springvale Rd; Cherry Tree Orphanage; Endcliffe Park and All Saints Church, Ringing low Road. Most are for WW1 or 2 and the one in Endcliffe Park consisting of American oaks is for the crew of the B17 which crashed there...killing all the crew. I can see no pattern as to why trees were planted and certainly no suggestion of a City wide scheme.
  9. This situation has been going on now for quite a while. When the trees were planted motor traffic was virtually none existent and , I wonder, if the planters imagined the trees would still be around a century later and in a world as changed as is 2017? Should they be removed then the trees must be replaced and wouldn't a memorial arboretum be suitable? I have to confess I haven't come across any other streets with memorial trees.
  10. My father always told me the huts became insanitary, being over run with rats and the whole lot were deliberately burnt down by the Corporation.
  11. No the Wincobank site was of WW1 vintage. The WW2" Sheffield Gun Defended Area" had several gun sites including ...Shirecliffe, Brinsworth, Warminster Road, Malin Bridge, Norton. Wentworth, Thrybergh and the Manor. Brightside station saw the Thames-Clyde, Thames-Forth and Devonian expresses rattling through with the slow loose-coupled freights being shunted onto the slow lines. Happy days .
  12. You were very fortunate to catch 60103, Flying Scotsman, going past Brightside station which was on the Midland region. However, in the 1950s said loco was a regular on the Eastern region line into Sheffield Victoria pulling the Master Cutler. The gun emplacements you mention were built during WW1 and never fired a shot when the Zeppelins bombed Sheffield.
  13. I remember the buses to Shiregreen being the 150 which ran up Bellhouse Rd from Firth Park, round the estate and then down Sicey Avenue to Firth Park and the 151 which went around the estate in the opposite direction. They met in the heartlands of the estate at a place with a clock where they either rushed off if they were late or waited till they were scheduled to leave. Many a poor passenger would see one waiting but as he/she reached the backloader they would hear the bell ringing and it was off!
  14. The structure is still there....another piece of town planning which failed to acknowledge the presence of our native vandals.
  15. Thanks for that, Emma. I can also remember displays....I believe the decision was taken and then rescinded a few years later after protests.