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  1. I remember it being a ride through landscapes but no a sleigh, I'm sure I remember it being a submarine ride one year and a space rocket the another year, there were mannequins at the front that were steering the vessel which gave me the creeps as a youngster .
  2. Was it Adrian or Ian you worked with John Simpkin's sons ?
  3. Worked there for 3 and a half years from school June 92 to December 95, glad it's still going, some great memories from those days .
  4. Star Wars merchandise.
  5. Cheers Edmund, much obliged .
  6. Can anybody tell me the location of what was Dykes Hall in the S6 area around Wadsley if indeed there ever was one, thanks .
  7. Keatons picket line at Darnall.
  8. I'm a Gazelle or Stan Smith man myself.
  9. Many hours of fun spent in there, loved running from the back of the " top splash " and jumping off and when you fancied warming yourself up having a lay in the infant pool because it was as warm as bath water.
  10. That's great thanks, so can anyone hazard a guess at the building dates of the buildings ?
  11. Does anyone know anything of the history of the old farm type buildings on Norwood Grange Drive opposite the Norwood Grange nursing home ?
  12. I was told, the other day, that Lillie Langtry and a a certain King would privately meet there ( in a room ...upstairs) on their way to spend weekends at Wentworth! I wonder if there is any truth in the tale? The affair ran from 1877 to 1880 so depending of the age of the current building you never know .
  13. Do they really do tours ?
  14. I'd like too see that vid too .