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  1. Harry Quixall had the place in 1942; it had however been around since 1855 ...
  2. Top notch find, as ever Edmund. Makes a mockery of my earlier find where Mrs Collier stated a claim of the license for 40 years (previous to 1900). Still no idea who idea who had the place and when !
  3. Confirm 1852 entry Steve; just to add to the general confusion 1857, Henry Swinscoe, 53 Westbar, beerhouse 1860, H.S., 53 Westbar, beerhouse 1879, H.S. 77 Westbar, beerhouse 1881 George Lawless, 77 Westbar, beer retailer all of which is probably more a history of 77 Westbar - makes Collier 1871-1900 er, interesting, to say the least.
  4. Peds May, or may not be some interesting stuff in here ...
  5. Right, well, here's a marvellous find. We already knew that one Jarvis Collier had the Turf Tavern in 1871 (see A-Z) and this article from 1900 suggests Mrs Collier had held a license for 40 years. I don't have access to Ancestry but a couple of good questions for anyone that does = when did Jarvis pass away ? What was his wife first name and was it her all the way through to 1900, or did it pass to any other Colliers during that time ? etc etc
  6. Is this where the Don Picture Palace/Bri-nylon shop thing was ? Turf
  7. His father, Arthur Middleton, known at the George IV from 1919 to 1924.
  8. Closed Shop lost its license for a period of time; someone forgot to renew it.
  9. Vern (Vernon) and Wyn (Wynnie) Hookway - keepers in late 70's - early 80's would be mortified, as am I. Loved the Queens.
  10. Signed from West Ham; used to show up wearing a long, dark leather trenchcoat; can't remember 'im playing in the trenchcoat mind you ...
  11. Could I request a map of Hillsborough from the 1950's showing The Rose and The Cambridge public houses please ? Bit sad since I'm the guy that owns and scanned all those maps.
  12. Joseph Johnson 1818-20 (Directory covers all the range from 1818 to 1820, so no specific year), William Berresford (Beresford) in 1821.
  13. The original link doesn't seem to work now, but go to and search for s00812 Happy to help, even though it was a while ago ! ======================================== Edit: link repaired, SteveHB.
  14. Hopefully that's Joseph, not me !
  15. Best I can see is my original data - 1854 Frederick Wybourn is the keeper. The A-Z may have been updated by UkeleleLady but I can't get into it.