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  1. The original link doesn't seem to work now, but go to and search for s00812 Happy to help, even though it was a while ago ! ======================================== Edit: link repaired, SteveHB.
  2. Hopefully that's Joseph, not me !
  3. Best I can see is my original data - 1854 Frederick Wybourn is the keeper. The A-Z may have been updated by UkeleleLady but I can't get into it.
  4. Previous
  5. 92A (to the right) was probably workshops and 92 the Masters House - maybe.
  6. Mottram, Thomas & Sons, Merchant & Manufacturer of Saw Files & Edge Tools, Steel Refiners &c, 92 Arundel Street & 47 Eyre Lane, in Henry & Thomas. Rodgers Sheffield & Rotherham Directory - 1841. (from
  7. 14 Sheaf Street, Park. First known keeper 1825, closed 1901. Thomas Vickers landlord 1859-1868. Sold remarkably tasty monkey-nuts or maybe I just made that bit up ...
  8. Chelsea Road previously Palmerston Road; changed by the Council 10th September 1886. (Information from HughW at some dim and distant point in the past).
  9. Source Nice map, Rudyard, Kipling Roads etc etc
  10. Provide the evidence about The Albert please Mr Imposter and we'll have a rethink. Though it was originally posted by Dobberd, he (and Tsavo) were doing me a favour. I'm to blame ...
  11. Rightie-ho. Mitchell Street existed in 1849, but no sign of a boozer or indeed Mr Allen. John Allen, springknife manufacturer and beerhouse, 4 Mitchell Street is however shown in 1852 directory, which to my mind means 1851 (since directory data is collated prior to the publication year).
  12. Thanks for the update Hugh. I'll check my data, if I can't find any proof to the contrary, I'll update the original data. Always willing to be proven wrong with supporting evidence. That was kind of the original plan, Tsavo and me worked on my data for nearly a year then thought "we could carry on like this forever, or post the lot and hope people will understand it's not a work of 100% accuracy, more this is what we think, what do you think ?" Now updated to 1851.
  13. Source Jonathan Eastwood.