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  1. Which pub did you first get served in?!

    The first pub I was served in in town was the Tin Pan Alley which was roughly where vodka revolution is now. 5 of us went and 3 of us got in - once we were in we knew we'd get served so we were well pleased - would have been about 16/17
  2. I just wondered if there was one or two many thread categories? it sort of dilutes the posts across a large number of areas and maybe if the posts were more concentrated it may encourage more contribution / discussion. just a thought - keep up the good work.
  3. I went there between 86-89 - Mrs Drabble was the headteacher then.
  4. Brightside

    The gun defences were on the waste ground adjacent ridge view - I think more houses have been built on that land now.

    On the views to east - what is the building to the left of Howells - the one with two white transit vans parked immediate behind it?
  6. The Bridge Inn, Meadowhall Rd, Closed c2007?

    The bridge had a tap room at the front was pretty basic but the "best side" at the rear was really well decorated as I believe it was flooded once and done out with the insurance money. it was like walking into a different pub when you went into the back.
  7. Vulcan, Northern Avenue, Closed c2010?

    I remember this pub from watching my dad play inSaturday / Sunday league games on the playing fields behind it in 80s / 90s my Nan and grandad lived round the corner and we'd watch me dad then go round and see them or occasionally they would walk on and come in the pub for a drink after he'd finished playing. The views from the bar were great and I loved sitting looking out the window. Wished I'd called in when I was older but never did.
  8. The Barley Corn Hotel

    It's a real shame there's not a pub open on this site given how long one has been sited there. did the barleycoen have a similar layout to henrys or was it completely changed if anyone can remember?
  9. Gossips

    I think it would have been on the adjacent corner of the same building - used to be the Nelson and is now the rocking chair? I believe it may have been called something befor the nelson also. You enter at ground level and can go up or down to two different bars. i believe the upstairs bar is used mainly with downstairs for gigs etc.
  10. I thought that was the jolly buffer pub? was the cinema demolished or does it still exist under a different guise?
  11. These are superb. what is the building on the left hand side at the bottom of ecclesall road - it looks like it's where the Waitrose car park is now?
  12. This was my first thought.
  13. Who had an Elephants Foot from the Fletchers Van?

    Loved the fletchers van - never got tired of running out when it came and can still remember the smell. vanilla slice and and an elephants foot. Brilliant
  14. Kiki's Nightclub Sheffield

    Kikis was in charter square and I believe is still a nightclub or was until recently. it was on the corner on the opposite side of the roundabout to Debenhams. the same row of units has had a few bars on it over the years none of which have done great really, the matrix was one, Mercedes which was a strip club and a sport based strip bar most recently.
  15. The Bell Pub, Fitzalan Square

    It was on the corner where Halfords was in fitzalan square.