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  1. Ok so what do we know and what can we find out about the history of the Broadfield pub in Sheffield?
  2. Sugg's sports store, Paragon Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, 1967. Suggs Sports traded for many year in the centre of Sheffield, originally selling more general leisure goods such as TVs radios and toys and games, until moving purely into the sports goods market. In the window can be seen a selection of sports goods including a range of Slazender and Dunlop raquets. The architecture is typical of central Sheffield.
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  6. This link is incredible - a full roll of film of the old station - taken in 1981
  7. Here's a photo of the side entrance to Sheffield's Victoria Train Station. Question is where exactly was it?
  8. This is a really great video of Sheffield. Everything that happens in this video was shot in one day on Wednesday 5th September 1973, using several film crews each with a different assignment. One to follow a man retiring on his 65th birthday, the hospital, the Police service, a funeral, Dunford Hadfields from where the man was retiring, the local newspaper, the slaughterhouse, and some long shots taken from different points in the city, showing the landscape, including at one point a breathtaking view of Hyde Park Also footage of a Sunblest delivery van in an accident!
  9. This video of Sheffield in 1902 is utterly captivating. Some truly amazing scenes in this one including a trip through Sheffield city centre. However there are a few areas that I'm not quite sure where they are in this film What parts of town does this tram travel through on this film?
  10. How times change!!
  11. Yeah right area for sure! What was on the site location before the carparks though?