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  1. Maybe too many thread categories?

    Great stuff - on it now
  2. Just found this. An old poster for when The Rolling Stones came to Sheffield City Hall in 1964 Looking down it absolutely amazed to see that The Barron Knights were amongst the support bands? Surely not? Did anyone go to this concert?
  3. Maybe too many thread categories?

    Just struggling with what the section title should be Churches and Religious Buildings ?
  4. Best shop in Sheffield for Sheffield history

    Ahhhh I've been in there many times - great place! Sometimes bogged down in silverware but still a good visit
  5. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    Anyone got any ideas where they're going to get the castle bit from?
  6. Thornseat Lodge

    Good point and good question Would be great if some of our better off residents showed a bit more goodwill
  7. Shock Horror I am not on Facebook

    Facebook is amazing for finding and keeping in touch with friends However it's also addictive and very depressing
  8. So sad

    ha ha sorry - it was a humorous tongue in cheek post but didn't come across well or in context! Yeah I'm hopefully done with site updates now Should be fine and all working now!
  9. Bye

    That's such bad news - thanks for the good times Hilldweller All the best my friend
  10. Maybe too many thread categories?

    That's a great idea - we'll sort that can't believe we never thought of that before!
  11. So sad

    Less moaning and more posting would solve the issue straight away
  12. Thornseat Lodge

    Really interesting read here about the beautiful but now abandoned Thornseat Lodge in Sheffield https://houseandheritage.org/2017/07/26/thornseat-lodge/
  13. Club WOW

    Does anyone have one of these from CLUB WOW in Sheffield?
  14. Have a watch of this video of Sheffield's famous bar The Stonehouse Are you in it? Do you recognise yourself? What do you remember about this famous meeting point?
  15. Help needed with this photo

    Have a look at this photo and see if you can help identify where it is/was Is it still there? Is it still the same inside?