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    Ivy Cottage is on Map 133 on this site Nathan It's good to revive old posts, I missed this one and actually remember where it was. ---------
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    When I was looking for information for Herdings because the landowners ie were Chaworth, Foljambe, Roos, and Babbington the early info is in the Nottingham archives under Derby Notts. In earlier times the area was under the Sheriff of Nottingham. So might be worth looking at what you can find in Nottingham catalogues.
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    Nathan These are not Court Rolls, they are Wills. The Eckington Court Rolls are available at Sheffield Archives from 1793 and are with the Sitwell Papers. Reference MD8099 Alternative Reference number 1996/26 TitleAshton, Morton, Slack, Solicitors, Sheffield Description Manor of Eckington court rolls (vols. 12-17), 1783-1935;
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    what info do you need nathan? Edit search New searchSave search 16 result(s) Order by Relevance First name(s) Last name Entry year Place Court First name(s)Last nameEntry yearPlaceCourt DorothyStaniforth1673EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription GeorgeStaniforth1660EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription GeorgeStaniforth1667EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription GeorgeStaniforth1698Troway, EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription HenryStaniforth1661WirksworthLichfield Consistory Court Transcription JohnStaniforth1681EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription JohnStaniforth1682EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription JohnStaniforth1691Litfield, EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription JohnStaniforth1693EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription JoshuaStaniforth1670BeightonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription JosiahStaniforth1675BeightonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription RobertStaniforth1681BeightonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription SarahStaniforth1692Litfield, EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription TimothyStaniforth1684PenkridgeLichfield Consistory Court Transcription WilliamStaniforth1671EckingtonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription WilliamStaniforth1697Hackenthorpe, BeightonLichfield Consistory Court Transcription Learn about these records About Lichfield Consistory Court Wills, 1650-1700 Discover your ancestor’s will from the diocese of Lichfield and Coventry, including parts of Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire and Shropshire. You will find the name of the testator, occupation and residence. Wills are valuable resources for your family tree. Locating the original documents The original wills are held at Lichfield Record Office. To obtain a copy of the original will or administration, download a copyright/order form from Lichfield Record Office. Complete this and post with the remittance for the cost of the will etc. to Lichfield Record Office. A copy of Lichfield Record Office’s Fees and Charges is also available online. Currently there is a standard charge irrespective of the number of pages. Each record includes a transcript of the original court record. The amount of information in each transcript can differ, but most will include a combination of the follow: Name of testator Occupation Entry date Testator’s place and county of residence Court Document type Additional notes
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    Yes, contact me on gdcrapper@gmail.com
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    Is that building the same as the Herdings community centre? And are we looking at it from the slope that leads down to the supertram crossing point?
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    Hi Nathan My great aunt on my mum's side was Ethel Staniforth, of Shirland Lane in Darnall. Her husband was George Staniforth and they had a son called Paul. I'm afraid I can't be a lot of help, but let me know if there are any more details you need and I will see what I can do. God bless
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    Hackenthorpe 1871 & 1879 ( Whites Directory)
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    For most of the period the farm / estate / manor would be passed on by copyhold, where the manor court records were used to record details as there were limited literate people and secure storage for documents. We are lucky in Sheffield that T Walter Hall has transcribed many of the Court Rolls. I'd guess that the court that administered Herdings was Eckington, and H.J.H. Garratt edited a series of books (volume 5 "Eckington 1964-1804 volume 5 - The Court Rolls, previous volumes dealt with earlier periods). The Local Studies library has volumes 4 and 5 and also a copy of a T Walter Hall book of assorted records including some from Eckington. A visit to the Sheffield Archives could also be productive, for example late 13th century documents reference JC/4/13 deeds from the Jackson collection - charters regarding land in Norton including the manor of Heyridding (manerium del heyridding) includes for example: Charter confirming a grant from Thomas Chaworth knight lord of Norton to John Luterel son of Sir Alexander Luterel, and to Rose his wife, younger daughter of Thomas Chaworth, of the manor of Heyridding (manerium del heyridding) in Norton, which Alice Castelayn had of his gift, with grazing rights in Rohawe and the wood thereof. Witnesses: Sir Thomas de Furnyvall [Sir Thomas de Furnival], Sir Adam de Everingham and Sir Walter de Gaushull knights, Sir William de Fulkyngham then abbot of Beauchamp [Beauchief], Sir Roger de Brailesford then rector of Dranesfeld, John Ayncourt, John de Brymington
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    Sickle tedding .... https://books.google.co.uk/books
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    A - Z Index Click a letter to jump directly to that place in the index: A Ba Bb-Bl Bm-Bz Ca-CO Cp-Cz D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
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    I remember this field and I used to go to the fairs there it did belong to the sports club but they sold it before the houses were built to someone else. I can't ever remember it being used for much else though. My Dad was concert secretary for the club and my Mum played the piano and later the organ there so went from around 1955 .
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    The bloke who ran the intake juniors was called Alan Hobson who sorry to say died on the eleventh of january this year he lived at the second house after the car park. The field at the side of intake club was spear and jacksons football ground. intake club closed in august 1996. john
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    I used to play football for Intake Juniors in the mid-late 80s and our meeting place on a Sunday morning was at the Intake Sports Club mentioned here. We had our presentation evenings there, too. And I remember a few bonfires held in the field in the back with pie and peas supper. Recall us coughing up loose change to give someone to go into the Noah's to get a pint that we would pass round! The bloke who ran the football teams lived across the road, first house after the Lo-Cost (as it was then) car park.
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    Yes, it is a nursing home now They used to have big bonfires and firework displays every year in the car park. lorry drivers used to bring them skip fulls of wood and rubbish, probably in exchange for letting them park the lorry in the car park overnight while they had a kip!. Until one year in the nineties when the Intake Mob and Frecheville Mob had a big riot. Was on the front page of the star IIRC
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    that is the correct club yes, must have renamed it. i know they played some sports indoors, hence the name 'sports' club. there was a little field directly behind the club also over the back of the Noah's. The field i mean is the one to the left of the club as you face it. there are really tall trees around the field. the field is circular in shape. i seem to remember there was some old changing rooms on there so they must have used it as a football field at sometime. if you dont remember the sports club field, do you remember the Noah's Ark bonfire displays?. What about the Barbecues? ahhhh memories
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    I'm not quite sure of the location you mean wayneybabes Was Intake social club on Hollybank Road opposite the old Rex Cinema, now the Co-Op car park? If so, where was their field? Was it on the land behind the Noahs Ark?
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    Well - It seems there were 2 Spitfires "F22 PK724" & "LF16 TB308" and a Vampire "F1 VF281" at Norton. I've found some chat between Plane buffs. Most of it seems to be about serial numbers and stuff. The general gist (I think) is that one or more may have been used in a film - High Flight (1958). and that they seem to have been moved around, re-painted etc. quite a few times over the years. Here's another photo. This is one of them after it left Norton. http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b202/aer...on-BOB-Sept.jpg Oh no - now it gets worse. I've just been reading on another aeroplane chat forum. It seems there was a mystery spitfire in the afore mentioned film, which could also have been one of the Norton "Spits" (Getting the terminology now) The main filming was done at Cranwell in Lincolnshire but it seems that one of the hangars at Norton may have been used for some of the scenes in the film. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v634/Mar...ht-02-002-1.jpg Still ploughing through serial numbers and all sorts of technical stuff trying to make some sense. I may have bitten off more than I can chew here. - Anyway suffice it to say that "yes there was a Spitfire on the gate at Norton in the 50's." and also a Vampire which I think I remember, but this may be just due to now knowing that it was there. The gate, now blocked by the way, being the main entrance, which at the time was on Norton Lane in the middle of the site where there is now a vehicle pull in. Not the side entrance later used by Driver Training.
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    No way !! That's brilliant !!! ha ha ha !! Nice to 'sea' you to 'sea' you nice ! Do you have any photo's or stuff from the place ?
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    Barkers Pool was one of the original town resevoirs and still runs under the area today. I worked at the Gaumont in the first half of the 1960s and had to check the water levels on a daily basis. During a stage production of the Bruce Forsyth Show the pump controlling the water level failed. The orchestra pit quickly flooded and the band played the first house with their feet in three inchs of muddy water. The show must go on......!