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  1. Marsdens' Dairies

    A couple of undated shots on Picture Sheffield. The car in one of them might give a clue as to the date. The Offices The Factory
  2. SUT garages and offices

    Thanks to Edmund for bringing these photos to my attention. SUT coach leaving the Pond Hill "garage" Another shot with part of the yard behind in view An aerial view of the yard behind 21 Pond Hill (at least that is what I think, taken from upstairs) Several other views of the premises and yard on the same website.      
  3. Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    I put the "I think" in as I am not completely sure what the road is actually called: Bing/Multimap has it as Dutton Road and Google Maps has it as Lofthouse Road. It looks to me like the main entrance to Bertie Bassett's factory is on Beulah Road. There is a large fence between whatever road I was stood on when I took the picture, so perhaps as it is part of the factory and therefore on Beulah Road.
  4. Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    Phew...... I was worried that by mentioning it I would be volunteering myself for the task. That is how things work in one of the organisations I am involved with
  5. Telephone box Challange

    There is one in Carlisle, on the road where I work
  6. Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings I have to admit that I didn't check through the whole topic, just looking at the list on page 1 (which, now I look again, I can see has not been updated since 2010)
  7. Street Name Signs

    And a couple of non-rusting wooden signs (which don't seem to have their own topic either)    
  8. Street Name Signs

    A couple more rusty enamel signs (Is there a separate topic for enamel road signs? I thought there was but I have not found it, only one for enamel signs in general):  
  9. Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    And I don't think this one on Pond Street is on the list either:      
  10. Date-Stones on Sheffield Buildings

    Can't see this one on the list, which seems a bit odd to me. It is on (I think) Dutton Road    
  11. Laying Tram Tracks

    Chesterfield, looking along Knifesmithgate from Cavendish Street;EQUALS;DCCC001814&pos=2&action=zoom  
  12. Painted Advertisements

    Here's one, unsurprisingly on Hangingwater Road
  13. Famous Sheffield Residents

    ​Peter Cropper died on May 29th 2015. Daily Telegraph Obituary
  14. Alan Woodward RIP

    One of United's greatest players passed away yesterday. 14 years, over 600 games, nearly 200 goals for the Blades.
  15. Where were these B&C co-op's

    ​Wortley RDC?