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  1. duckweed added a post in a topic: Crowdfunding WW2 heritage trail   The project includes a memorial in Fitzalan Square to mark those who died in the Marples hotel and a trail of plaques similar to the one at Atkinsons on the moor. Please publicize and hopefully they will be able to impress the HLF enough to contribute to the project. 
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  2. duckweed added a post in a topic: Assistance re identifying this photo   

    Have been asked if anyone knows where this photo is of. Person who sent it to me said it was a family photo and the only farm they knew connected to family was Rustlings Road Farm. Any ideas?  

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  3. duckweed added a post in a topic: Sewer gas destructor lamp, Sheffield - awarded listed status   

    There are a lot a number that have listed status. One at the top of Sharrow lane is in pretty good condition and one by Jessop Hospital. They are talking of putting Led bulbs in them all. Don't see why they can't be used the way they were meant to be used . 
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  4. duckweed added a post in a topic: Calling all Metal workers, Need your stories   

    As part of Bloc galleries ongoing project to look at the past the present and the future in Sheffield Metal working, (They say Steel but they do mean Pewter, plating etc too ) they are looking for people's stories of their work, especially local to Bloc in Eyre Lane but elsewhere. With so much of the area about to be bulldozed it is all the more important to record people's stories. Also has anyone photographs of any of the works especially what is now Bloc Studios?  The launch is on Saturday but this will be an ongoing project.  
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  5. duckweed added a post in a topic: Why Sheffield's Heritage matters.   

    More than ever before the preservation of our unique heritage matters not just as a source of civic pride but because it is our Brand. It is what makes us different from all the other cities in UK and worldwide. With ideas of Northern Hub and HS2 our local economy is under threat unless we re-establish what makes our city unique. I fear it is not something Sheffield Council understands though other industrial cities do. Please read my blog posts on the importance of heritage to the city.  Next year every council seat is up for re-election. It will be a good time to bring Heritage to the agenda. Now Then magazine is talking of arranging Hustings across the city as they did for the general election. A good chance to get local heritage organisations ask candidates about their local heritage issues. Maybe it won't work but we have to take what chances we have. There is also to be a conference possibly April on Heritage regeneration and community. Details will be posted when I have them.
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  6. duckweed added a post in a topic: The Farfield Inn / The Owl pub in Neepsend, Sheffield   

    It is a grade 2 listed building. Originally built as a gentleman's residence. For quite some time the residence of  an officer from the barracks. Built in 1753. 
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  7. duckweed added a post in a topic: Ball Inn Wicker   

    I would think so. Obviously it is Messrs Osborne as it is the works they are talking about. I love the way the area for the pub is described as superficial square yards.
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  8. duckweed added a post in a topic: Ball Inn Wicker   

    This is 68 Wicker and obviously been a pub by the decoration over the doorway. So was this the Ball?

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  9. duckweed added a post in a topic: Ball Inn Wicker   

    It says bounded or towards the north east by ground and buildings formerly sold to William Wiley but now belonging to Mrs or Messrs Osborne on or towards the North West by the Wicker aforesaid on or towards the South East by the Tail Goight running from the Wicker Tilt and down towards the south west by ground and buildings formerly sold to Mary Perry but now belonging to Thomas Jenkinson and containing in the whole one hundred and sixty one superficial square yards or thereabouts and also all that messuage or dwelling house now used as a public house and called the Ball House formerly in two tenements with the brewhouse, stable and outbuilding thereto.   
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  10. duckweed added a post in a topic: Ball Inn Wicker   

    I have been given Victorian legal documents pertaining to Ball Inn and Brewhouse and stable and outbuildings on the Wicker for 1861 and 1868. Are the buildings now demolished? Are there any photos of the Inn or any interesting stories about it? 
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  11. duckweed added a post in a topic: Tales from the River-Porter-bank   

    I know that Shepherd Wheel actually is mentioned in a question in parliament. The Health and Safety officer wanted to close it down because there was no glass in the windows. A grinder argued that the ventilation due to no glass made it healthier as allowed dust to escape & fresh air to come in. He actually won his case and they kept grinding. If you look on Ebay sometimes you will see the postcards they made in the early 20th century of visitors standing leaning on a rail watching a grinder working so obviously quite a tourist attraction. 
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  12. duckweed added a post in a topic: Petitions To Council   

    I really don't see it as a political issue in the way of party politics. I have stories from all sides of some horrendous opinions re keeping Sheffield's heritage. Including local Greens (though not councillors) Libdems  Labour and Conservatives. It is more the fact that there is an inferiority complex. Every other city is better than Sheffield and we most get rid of anything uniquely Sheffield because it is inferior. They don't understand that it is the things that are different within Sheffield that actually makes a unique selling point to Investors who want to live and work in the city. How do we change that? First we need the Local plan that would have protected Devonshire Street had it been ratified in place. Secondly we need a councillor for Heritage within the cabinet. We need structures in place so that whoever is in control of the Council the vital history of the area is protected. We need those 20'000 supporters of Devonshire Street to go and ask their local councillor why the local plan was not in place and why developers are boasting that they can go wherever they like in Sheffield as the city is wide open. I know several councillors who say they are keen on heritage yet when it comes to voting to protect them they don't vote for that. So I feel a bit sceptical about these councillors. If so interested why haven't they insisted the local plan be implemented? Instead they spend thousands on trying to stop Next building in Meadowhall while missing the point that High Street shopping has totally changed and places like Devonshire Street are the future style of shopping.    
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  13. duckweed added a post in a topic: Friends Of Old Town Hall Meeting 17Th March   

    And if you can't but still want to be involved email me at and I will put you on the mailing list.   
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  14. duckweed added a post in a topic: Petitions To Council   

    It isn't just about keeping features like sewer lamps. It is about the fact that major economic studies by the World Bank, EU, HLF , Princes Regen Trust, and English Heritage to name but a few says that the historic character of an area is a marketable asset. In this city it is of as much importance as the MADE IN  SHEFFIELD trade mark. The City's heritage is its brand. When a business want to move its business to a new city one of the features that is important is its livability and its distinctiveness. People do not want to live and work in a city that every morning when you wake up you wonder which city you are in because it all looks the same. Likewise conference delegates like a city with character, places that are memorable and interesting. Modern companies like It companies like to be linked to the past by the buildings they live in. There is a huge amount of data to back this up. And of course it is more environmentally friendly to restore an old building rather than knock it down and start again. And besides all that Heritage gives neighbourhoods a sense of collective identity. Doesn't matter if your family has lived there for generations or just moved there it is the interesting place in your neighbourhood.   
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  15. duckweed added a post in a topic: Petitions To Council   

    Please do. I don't see Sheffield as Phillistine more as having an inferiority complex. Sheffield is unique yet there are people always making comparisons with other cities. Even when 3 different catering companies won top national awards there were still people saying everyone knows Leeds has better food. Leeds had won no awards at all. We could have a beautiful city if we got together and restored the lovely unique old buildings we have and create an interesting lively city again instead of dropping in shiny boxes in the all the wrong places and leaving buildings to rot..
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