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  1. Following a very successful conference we had our first post conference meeting and even though it was a work day we had 30 people turn up to take things forward. What do we want? Have a look please and like if you do. We have come further re protection of Sheffield's heritage than we have ever come before but the battle is by no means won. Council attitudes need to shift from seeing Heritage at best a vanity project and at worst something that gets in the way of progress.
  2. Council elections & Sheffield Heritage

    Sorry to hear that. Hope you can still be there and question them.
  3. Council elections & Sheffield Heritage

    Good Will see you there then.
  4. The Heritage conference was a great success and has a lot of people keen to get out and do things. It has also raised the profile of Sheffield's heritage far higher than I ever thought possible with just one event. However we need to keep pushing and make sure we don't lose this momentum. We have a chance as Historians to bring the issues of how we use and protect our city's unique qualities to advantage. No point in making a shopping centre that excludes half Sheffield's population through price and doesn't encourage visitors because it looks like every other failed shopping centre. That's one issue anyway but there is the big issue as to how we protect our culture against Central governments changes in planning laws which could fast track planning permission and ignore local issues. I am not asking you to make any political alliances just to go and ask questions such as "Given the push for more houses and changes in planning laws how would you protect the aspects of Sheffield that makes us a unique city with a unique history?" Details of hustings arefrom Sheffield For Democracy Local elections in Sheffield May 2016 What do the Parties stand for? Tuesday 26 April 7pm Quaker Meeting House, St James Street Sheffield S1 2EW Six political parties are invited to tell us what they plan for Sheffield, and to answer you questions Chair: Professor Leni Oglesby OBE Confirmed attendance: Cllr Mazher Iqbal Labour Cllr Colin Ross Lib Dem Cllr Robert Murphy Green Party Also invited: Conservative Party Trade Union & Socialist Coalition UKIP When Hastings pier group went out to Council hustings they found that having people raise questions there really changed people's attitudes.