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  1. Photo identification  I would say late 1890s through into early 1900s. Don't forget they wore clothes until they wore out and not all followed fashion because of the cost involved so clothes lasted for ages. Any clue as to when the Taylor photographer was in business and where his place of business was? Another way of trying to date photos is to look at old trade directories. Lyn  
  2. What was this place?

    Many, many years ago probably in the 1960/70s it was a Chinese takeaway on the right hand corner. Then it remained empty & boarded up for many years. It was suddenly 'done up' some years ago.  It looks totally out of place in the area it is in, and to my mind, a bit of an eyesore.  Lyn
  3. Lump Lane, Grenoside

    1901 - being still a village no numbers were used.  Leet Harpham Thomas Flower Swift Burkinshaw Ollerenshaw Bagnell Redfearn Wyke Walker Burgin
  4. Lump Lane, Grenoside;EQUALS;s34404&pos=5&action=zoom&id=108748 no 14.    Richard - can you give me anything more specific? I have some Greno knowledge, interests etc. but your query is vague. Is it family history related. Residents on Lump Lane 1911 Wykes, Sharpes, Burkinshaws, Kirk, Smith, Bevins, Fleetwood, Marsden.  Lyn
  5. Bradfield 1841

    Try emailing Malcolm Nunn on this site -  he knows all there is to know regarding Bradfield Lyn
  6. Wordsworth Tavern

    Are these any good -    Lyn
  7. Ecclesfield Website Covers around that area too Lyn  
  8. Closed Pubs

    Boards down but what is happening to it? Anyone know? Lyn
  9. Samuel Bingham born 1880

    There are a couple of trees on Ancestry and they all point to this Samuel whose father also died young pre 1890 I think.   From the Sheffield indexers website there is a baptism -  Bingham, Samuel (of 5ct 10 Hawley Croft, born 1880-12-08).     Baptised January 19, 1881, by J.W. Talbot at St Luke, Hollis Croft.     Parents name(s) are Eliza & James (Pearl fluter). Eliza was also in trouble with the law being drunk & disorderly in Sept I think it was 1890 and again in Oct so spent 7 days each time in Wakefield jail.  1881 census - they are at Hawley St other children are James 11, Arthur 7, Clara 5 and Samuel 3mths. 1891 census Eliza is a widow working as a metal rubber, all children are 10 yrs older and  living at 22 Marsden Lane  By 1901  Eliza is living with her married daughter Clara now Cousens at Hollis Croft along with Samuel 21 a butchers knife cutler. Eliza's maiden surname appears to be Dixon. Lyn 1871 census gives James Bingham as married aged 23 living at 9court 4 houses Broad Lane with Eliza Dickson 22 unmarried and James Bingham Dickson aged 1 - interesting! They finally married in the march qtr of 1879
  10. Samuel Bingham born 1880

    You would need to buy his death certificate to see what he died from. As he was a patient then it may also give his home address too.  Lyn 
  11. High Hazels Museum

    I once made a request and simply used the phrase - under the freedom of Information act could you please ................. It worked but took a while.  there is this -  and this Lyn 
  12. Telephone box Challange

    No but in the Upper Slaughter area of Gloucestershire they have defibrillators in them due to it being a rural area. Lyn  sorry just realized I had already posted that some time ago.
  13. Old Sheffield Sayings

    'tanner short of a shilling' for someone a bit slow.  Oh and 'if she fell in a bucket of s**t she'd come out smelling o' roses'
  15. Sheffield Theatres Lyn