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  1. barrow rd

    1950s os map showing barrow rd from tyler st to meadowhall rd with rail bridges & viaduct.
  2. Drift Mine

    in 1950s/60s if you walked to catcliffe via infield lane past high hazels park along the so called drug road you would pass a drift mine does anyone remember such a place.
  3. 10,sales Row Carbrook

    had a look picture Sheffield tinsley and found a couple of aerial photos s26964 & s26965 which shows new row houses, blow the picture up 400%
  4. 10,sales Row Carbrook

    cheers,guys just to think I use to roam all over that area as a kid! even worked on the new esc site for molems in the early 60s.
  5. 10,sales Row Carbrook

    can anyone pinpoint on the the map were 10,sales row carbrook stood on the 1911 census the sub district is down as south east rotherham
  6. Lena Nelson

    cheers Edmund for supplying the 1911 census,in between putting the thread on sh & you putting the census on I did a bit of digging myself I found a lena nelson living on Sheffield road tinsley born in 1896 & died in 1957 I still wasn't quite sure if was the right one until I saw your census.i think safe to say she was unmarried,& inherted the shop from her mother.
  7. Lena Nelson

    lena ran a workmans café at 708,brightside lane in the 1950/60s it stood next a newsagents & next to that was the "river don" public house don't know if she ever married but she is on the 1953 electrol register on her own.can anyone trace her on the 1911 census? all the buildings were cleared in in the late 1950/60s for the new esc works
  8. 19, Boden Lane

    stevehb I went back to central library had a look on the 1951 os map to try find any house numbers on boden lane but no luck the only house numbers shown are on the corner of rockingham st & boden lane which is now under grunwergs warehouse. do you fancy having a guess where no19 boden lane stood. no pressure!
  9. 19, Boden Lane

    cheers,stevehb thanks for the maps,dont know how I missed it when I went wanderin around the area tother day.
  10. 19, Boden Lane

    trying to locate abode of ancestor,accoding to the 1881census he lived at 19,boden lane in the municipal ward of st George. I wondered if it was renamed bailey lane.
  11. can anyone give the location of the Sheffield school of anatomy on eyre st in1835
  12. Brightmore St

    cheers stevehb managed to get a couple photocopies of 1950s os maps with house nos I have marked the same house you have.
  13. Brightmore St

    Edmund, thanks for your effort! ill try the central library for a os map.
  14. Brightmore St

    anyone know were 57, brightmore st stood I think was in the st George church, netherthorpe area.
  15. Peter Monks

    looking for peter monks,last known adress 40,bodmin st attercliffe.