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  1. Drainspotting!

    Could be ..... Thomas Trueman,  builder,  5  Cavendish  Road. Masbro, Rotherham. 1911 directory. Could have moved ... ? Then again, probably no connection whatsoever, no trace in the 1925 directory.
  2. Unidentified pictures - can you help?

    'White Hart Inn, No. 119, Worksop Road, Attercliffe with Brown Bayleys in the background';EQUALS;s21864&pos=24&action=zoom&id=24346
  3. Unidentified pictures - can you help?

    119 Worksop Road / 119 Church Street, Attercliffe.
  4. Browns Hop Bitters Sheffield

    Would be nice if the bottle had a beaver on it, like the rabbit bottle you asked about, ha ha ha ...
  5. Browns Hop Bitters Sheffield

    And 1881.
  6. Browns Hop Bitters Sheffield

    No proof of connection whatsoever. George Beaver Brown, homeopathic chemist, 35 Church Street, house; 12 Wilkinson Street. 1879 directory.
  7. Browns Hop Bitters Sheffield

    Thought it would be a Cure All.
  8. The A-Z of pubs was based on information up to the year 1950, but we will add these to the list. Thank you for the update.
  9. Clough Fields Crookes
  10. Clough Fields Crookes

    Off Back Lane, I would say.
  11. Small Savers

    Not sure about this, too good to be true ......
  12. The City Stores

    Stairs up to restaurants and offices, Brightside and Carbrook Co-operative Society Ltd., City Stores, Exchange Street,;EQUALS;s11215&pos=21&action=zoom&id=14230 ------------------------- A few more photos of the above stairs, among these .... Staircaces - City Centre -^|+%2B)Staircases(%24|+%2B)%3BAND%3BDate_Period%3BEQUALS%3B1920-1939%3BAND%3BLocation%3BCONTAINS%3BSheffield_City_Centre%3B
  13. Sharrow Hurst

    Named on this 1890's map.
  14. Entrance to the canal wharf, at the front of the old grain warehouse, Henry Pooley and Son Ltd.
  15. From previous topic. Charles Ross, located at Sheaf Bank Business Park, Heeley.