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  1. Windows 10

    I woud not advise turning/switching off updates, updates contain essential security upgrades, needed to keep the OS running smooth.
  2. The "Closed, Span" used on here was in reference to data submitted, not to pub closure. Edit: sorry just read your question.  
  3. Windows 10

    Just had a whacking great upgrade to Windows 10, shut my computer down without prior warning, was inoperable for around an hour. Thank you Micro$oft!
  4. 107? Kent Road Heeley

    From the directories. 107  Hawkes  Charles  Frederick, pattern  maker, (1925). 107  Everitt  Fred  tailors'  cutter, (1911). 107  Welsby John E.  sawyer, (1905). 107  Wild  Mrs. Ellen, (1901). 107  Wild  Edward  William,  electroplate manufacturer, (1901).    
  5. 107? Kent Road Heeley

    These appear to show a match as to it being called 'Fern Bank' ....   Deaths, S&R Ind:December 24, 1885. 1879 directory.  
  6. 107? Kent Road Heeley

    Circa 1890. Fern Bank or Farm Bank?  
  7. 107? Kent Road Heeley

    Ethel Jekyll, 107 Kent Road (1965 directory). No Mr. Hyde then
  8. 107? Kent Road Heeley

    The Meersbook (old boundry of Derbyshire/Yorlshire) determins one 'R' or two 'R's' in Carrfield and Carfield, two 'R's' in Yorkshire area, just one in the old Derbyshire area.
  9. Which pub did you first get served in?!

    So did the Nelson at Moorhead in the mid 70's, at closing time (evening), some of the drunken idiots used to place them on the floor upside down and stamp on them.
  10. Station Inn, Heeley

    I have also searched through the directories in the past, without any success. It's also worth noting, that the Heeley books do contain some inaccuricies.
  11. Station Inn, Heeley

    Here you go Oldbloke. The map is taken from the book 'Heghlegh Then and Heeley Now' by The Heeley History Workshop, Linda Hutton (Author).  
  12. Vulcan, Northern Avenue, Closed c2010?

    Ask DaveH .... Arbourthorne Playing Fields
  13. Howard street shop

    In the 1965 directory, number 58 is shown as a butchers shop, wonder if they sold pork scratchings?