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  1. Art Deco Houses
  2. 1 O'clock Hooter

    Published December 07 1878.
  3. Laying Tram Tracks

    Laying tram tracks in Sheffield, any ideas on where abouts?
  4. Windows 10

    Free upgrade to Windows 10 for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 users. Who's taking the plunge then?
  5. Hyde Park Flats

    I myself only visited Hyde Park Flats a couple of times in the 60's, so my memory of them is very vague. So What are your memories of Hyde Park Flats, did you live there or perhaps you had relations that did, if so what what was life like on Hyde Park, what were the pubs like, was there any shops? Can you add any photographs? Doing a search on the net, there is very little information available about the flats. I'm sure some our members here on Sheffield History can help out, Lets start with 'What year were they built'?