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  1. £1.25 million; let's have a whip-round ...  Fernie Greaves
  2. eBay Scrapbook, Edward Crawford, £150 ...
  3. Kelly's Directory 1941

    1941 eBay, wouldn't have expected this to be published, busy with other things one would have thought.
  4. Browns Hop Bitters Sheffield

    8 foot three, built like a bulgarian outhouse, hence a normal-sized head - bald as a coot and sporting a very early set of Beats Audio headphones - a man well ahead of his time.
  5. Browns Hop Bitters Sheffield

    1866 agreement
  6. Browns Hop Bitters Sheffield

    George B. Brown, homeopathic chemist, 2 Fargate in 1857. (again, no proof that this is the man; just for information).
  7. wadsley-loxley Common

    Cave House Attempt at a link to previous on the topic.
  8. Small Savers

    £850 on Amazon ... probably of no value whatsoever.
  9. Small Savers

    Small Savers in the Late Victorian Period: Business Data Base of the Sheffield Savings Bank, 1861-1901 At approximately £71/page, its £850 and 12 pages, I find this a bit steep. Or, rather, I don't find it, been looking for a good while... ISBN-100863392970ISBN-139780863392979  
  10. Church Collector

    Semi-gibberish Thomas Jennings, collector 1664 Thomas Britan, Church Collector - no year specified Bobt (Robert) Howsley, collector 1668
  11. Church Collector

    1694/5 Mr. Marriot, 10 bob, Workehouse Source Also : Queen Mary died of small-pox on the 28th Dec., 1694. She was not interred till 5th March, 1695. - it says ....
  12. Church Collector

    Mr. Staniforth, Church Collector, a years Rent pro Workehouse. 1699. Source
  13. Church Collector

    Source (1693) Presumably collected rent(s) for pews. Probably also prodded people into making contributions to the collection plate and biffing small boys about the head with a stick to stop their noise. 1690 also
  14. G Sharman Glossop Road

    200 drums of figs is going to cause some "throughput" I would imagine ...
  15. G Sharman Glossop Road

    The firm of George Sharman GLOSSOP ROAD CHARLES HERBERT HARVEY and ALBERT SAMPSON (Partners) THANK their numerous friends and customers for the kind sympathy shown to them on the sudden decease their esteemed partner, Lawrence Sampson. Sheffield Daily Telegraph 25 Apr 1911The net gets cast a little wider.