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  1. Crows Nest, Hyde Park Flats, closed c1990

    Bennett, John Michael, unemployed of 12 Briary Avenue, High Green, Sheffield lately carrying on business as a Publican at Halfway House, 80 Britannia Road, Sheffield S9 5JH and previously at Crows Nest, High Pavement, St John's Road, Hyde PArk, Sheffield. Court : Sheffield. No of matter 34 of 1896. Date of Order - 25th March 1986 it says ...  
  2. Crows Nest, Hyde Park Flats, closed c1990

    Peter Gleadall No dates specified.
  3. Closed on Sundays

    and other 'orrible stuff going on ... Source
  4. Source Cecil v. Butcher, 1820's.
  5. Source  
  6. Source Collegiate School.
  7. Fast Day 1794

    Source 28th February 1794.
  8. Library

    Source Haven't a scooby if this has already been posted.
  9. Wiki "On Jane Street is the Grade II listed building known as the Old Post Office, built from gritstone with a slate roof in 1835, it was originally an inn called Heaven House or Heaven's Gate and later The Cross Daggers. Later it served as a registry office, vestry and school and latterly as a post office, it is now a private dwelling divided into several flats." it says ...   Earliest I know of is James Siddons, Old Horns 1833 and Ann Morton at Cross Daggers in 1833 which might imply there were different buildings, or then again, maybe it doesn't.
  10. Lump Lane, Grenoside

    Thanks. I was handed a copy of a small photo of my father, taken 1949 or 1950 outside number 15 Lump Lane. Close to the building so just a chunk of wall really. Would have been occupied by my late Uncle Charlie Brant
  11. Lump Lane, Grenoside

    Any help appreciated. Cottage, number 15. Anything at all would be great; date of build/demolition. Residents - any years. Pictures etc etc. Many Thanks.
  12. 1950's Os Maps

    Do we have any more maps that are out of copyright than can be posted ? I think I'm allowed to ask the question since I bought the job lot; many thanks to those that assisted in stitching together the maps I scanned/ worked on them in any way; no idea where the originals are now.
  13. Happy New Year.

    Best Wishes, we need a return to activity of any sort; been nine months since the site was destroyed.
  14. £1.25 million; let's have a whip-round ...  Fernie Greaves