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  1. Vulcan, Northern Avenue, Closed c2010?

    From London Gazette: HANCOX, Michael, unemployed of 27 Algar Crescent, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S2 2JH, lately a Publican trading at The Vulcan 22 Northern Avenue Sheffield S2 2JB. Court—SHEFFIELD. No. of Matter—545 of 2003. Date of Bankruptcy Order—23rd January 2004.
  2. Howard street shop

    Ernest Harrop was summoned at Sheffield Police Court on March 24th 1916 for selling certain medicines liable to duty without a licence and selling unstamped medicines on which duty was liable.  An undercover Customs and Excise Officer purchased some corn-care medicine....
  3. Kate Dover poisoner Highfield

    I can't see any of the newsapaper reports referring to her as working in a shop?  At the time of the poisoning she was the Housekeeper for the victim, Thomas Skinner an etcher (artistic).  Her full name was Felicia Dorothea Kate Dover. In 1891 she was held at Knaphill Prison, Woking, and the census gives her previous occupation as Housekeeper Domestic.  The 1881 census doesn't identify her occupation.

    From Sheffield Independent 18th November 1882 Deaths column :  BIRKS - At Malin Bridge, Annie, the beloved wife of James Elliott Birks, aged 25 years Also an interesting story in the Grimsby Telegraph from 2009 - Grimsby Telegraph 2009 and from the Sheffield Indexers: Birks, James Elliott (file cutter), address is (back of) 48 Loxley New Road Hillsborough, in 1905 White's Directory of Sheffield and Rotherham and  from their school records section: Birks, Wilmot Elliott (Student, dob 2 Jul 1890).  Parent or guardian name(s): Chas Elliott Birks, of 29 Parsonage Cres.    Admitted to Bole Hill School, Bole Hill Rd, Walkley, Sheffield, as of 18 Apr 1898,       until 25 Oct 1901, reason for leaving: Morley St. Previously attended Hillsboro Bd Birks, Walter Elliott (Student, dob 18 Mar 1888). Parent or guardian name(s): Chas Elliott Birks, of 29 Parsonage Cres. Admitted to Bole Hill School, Bole Hill Rd, Walkley, Sheffield, as of 18 Apr 1898,     until 27 Jul 1900, reason for leaving: Central. Previously attended Hillsboro Bd.  
  5. Oldest Grave / Headstone

    Here's a rough plan of St Marys graveyard.  Rev.Lord's grave is at reference O9.  Hope it's worth the journey!
  6. Oldest Grave / Headstone

    A look round St Mary's at Ecclesfield would be rewarding.  Apart from anything else it's well kept and all gravestones are easily accessible.  The earliest gravestone is that of the vicar Richard Lord dated 1600, but there are plenty of eighteenth century stones. Unfortunately some stones have been laid down to form pavements, and the inscriptions now worn to the point of being unreadable.  One of them, in the main approach to the church is the stone dedicated to my GGGGGG uncle George Wilkinson who was the town crier and died in 1797.  The inscription, now illegible, read: Here lies George Wilkinson , Born and cri'd, Liv'd ninety-four years, And then he di'd
  7. Tales from the River-Porter-bank

    Full version of Griffith's 1876 report on the Porter Brook:   Condition of the Porter.pdf
  8. Poor Houses being called Barracks

    At a meeting of the Sheffield Association for the Better Housing of the Poor, on Tuesday 8th October 1889, Canon Walshaw stated "With regard to erecting buildings, he did not think the Peabody Buildings were a success.  Poor people did not like to dwell in barracks or workhouses" .  The Peabody Buildings were labourers' block  dwellings in London, though Canon Walshaw was a local cleric, so presumably his reference was local,  
  9. Bachelor and Widow's Row - Hunshelf

    The term Row seems to have been used interchangeably with Houses and Cottages.  There are reports in the Independent of goings on in the following: Johnsons Row 1869 Chapel Row 1876 Broomhill Row 1879 Brick Row 1888 White Row 1896 Cross referencing to the census doesn't appear helpful, although I'm not sure what information would be useful to you.
  10. What was this place?

    In 1911 John Lawrence Tudor Proudler was an 18 year old  "Engineering General" at an engineering works, living at 44 Addison Road. Eight years later he had become a dentist and was based at 43 Upwell Lane.  He was still practicing there in 1925.  He died in 1933.
  11. The first mention in the independent of the Old Horns is September 1834 (an inquest held there following a drunken fray).  It would presumably have been established prior to that date (as the "Horns" initially?)
  12. Lump Lane, Grenoside

    There weren't many dwellings shown on the 1905 map, but more are there by 1923.  The semis on the even side were built in 1958.  
  13. Lump Lane, Grenoside

    There was no house numbering quoted as late as the 1911 census.  Summary sheets below:
  14. Bradfield 1841

    The description of the area from the first page of the census shows it covers the area on the 1855 map: As Neddy says - Knowl Top is where the previous entry was, so the Matthew Furniss entry must be close, but no Ratten Row or similar appears on the map.  The Bradfield Archives show Matthew Furniss in the militia in 1831 but unhelpfully only gives "Stannington" as his abode.
  15. Sheffield Coal Mines

    Wikipedia to the "rescue"  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blackett's_Aerophor The insulated bottles contain liquid nitrox - 50% oxygen.