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  1. Edmund added a post in a topic: Sheffield City Council...spending on heritage, tourism and culture.   

    In 1569 the Sheffield Burgesses bought 20s worth of lottery tickets.  The draw was made at the west door of St Paul's cathedral and went on day and night from 11th January to 6th May, because there were 40,000 prizes of 10s each also other merchandise.  The funds raised were to be for harbour repairs and other public works.  There is nothing new.
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  2. Edmund added a post in a topic: Collector of bridge rates   

    Several bits of information from the Independent, some are the correct man and family, some may or may not be.  No mention of bridges though, but plenty of highways.
    In December 1825 a “Benjamin Beet” was one of the signatories to a notice pledging to back the three Sheffield Banks and Rotherham Bank in case of a run on them, the intention being to boost confidence in their solvency.
    In March 1830 a “Benjamin Beet” was a victualler on Gibraltar street
    In August 1831 a “Benjamin Beet” was a signatory to a notice supporting John Parker (lawyer of Woodthorpe) as a parliamentary candidate
    In March 1838 Benjamin was elected as a member of the third board for the repairs of the highways in the township of Sheffield
    In January 1844 a notice was published which included a “Benjamin Beet” as being due to monies from a debt from 1837 owed by “Dean” of 1s 4d, which had been paid into the Court of Requests for the Manor of Sheffield.
    In April 1839 at the Court Leet, Benjamin Beet was appointed as a special constable for Shepherd street
    In March 1841 he was re-elected to Board of Sheffield – Surveyors of Highways – residence Shepherd street
    In June 1850 Benjamin (Poor Rates Collector) was on trial accused of embezzlement (see cuttings), the case was dismissed as no evidence was offered.
    On 21st February 1859 Benjamin’s widow Mary died at Shepherd street aged 76
    On February 1st 1871 Benjamin Champion Beet died at his residence Crookes Mount aged 48.
    On April 9th 1874 Benjamin’s eldest son Frederick William Beet married Helen Corbridge of Cobden View, at St George’s church
    Charles Benjamin, youngest son of the late Benjamin C Beet died 26th April 1877
    Sheffield Archives has document ref TT/64/1 and 2, title Conveyance land and property in Silver Street, Sheffield, the description is Robert Waterhouse to the Trustees.
    20 square yards on the east side of Silver Street, Sheffield, with the two houses thereon in the occupation of William Hill the younger and William Holt; and a third of a yard of 31 square yards adjoining the above, which is jointly owned by Waterhouse as devisee in trust and Benjamin Beet and Jonathan Wilkinson.   For £90.  Reciting a deed of 1813.  Plan by J. Fairbank and Son, 1839.  Date   1 Oct 1839

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  3. Edmund added a post in a topic: Old Sheffield Sayings   

    " Get thi rags on"
    Meaning "put on the clothes you will need to go out".  I think it comes from the steelworks where they'd wrap damp rags round their legs before pouring steel.
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  4. Edmund added a post in a topic: Brindley & Foster Organ Builders   

    According to J.R Knott in his "A Study of Brindley and Foster - organbuilders of Sheffield 1854 - 1939" - their pneumatic control system was "the greatest fraud ever attempted to be foisted on the musical public"
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  5. Edmund added a post in a topic: Mossbrook Colliery   

    Do these maps help? If correct, looks like it's overgrown with trees, to the west of the dark green area.
    From www.aditnow.co.uk : "The colliery was located at the edge of Ladybank Wood at Eckington. The mine was opened in March 1955 by the Mossbrook Colliery Company Ltd employing 12 underground and 2 at grass. The mine closed from September 1956 to May 1958 due to flooding. The mine changed hands a number of times, being owned by T.Beattie from 1961, Heywood Plant Hire from 1965, Stretton Fire Clay Company and finally by the Doe Lea Colliery Co. Ltd from 1971 to closure in December 1979. By November 1980 the drift was filled and all but one building demolished.  Underground working was totally by hand and haulage to the surface by electric engine, built by W. & H. Nelson of Mossend, Glasgow. The mine worked the Parkgate seam."

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  6. Edmund added a post in a topic: Elisha Snipe and some iffy engraving   

    Elisha lived at Colston Croft
    Sheffield Archives holds a Deed of Covenant ( ref TT/80/2) as follows:
    Joshua Cawton, of Sheffield, cutler, and Thomas Elliott, of Sheffield, scissorsmith. Elliott covenants to pay to Cawton £31 6s. 9d. with interest of 5% a year on 16 February 1696/7 to redeem a mortgage of 14 February 1689/90, by which Elliott mortgaged to Cawton 2 cottages in Sheffield near Colston Croft Stile near the tenement of Robert Nichols and in the occupation of Robert Nowell and Elisha Snipe to secure 40s. to be repaid on 15 February 1690/1, 40s. to be paid on 15 February 1691/2, 40s. to be paid on 15 February 1692/3, and £42 to be paid on 15 February 1693/4. The principal had not hitherto been repaid.
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  7. Edmund added a post in a topic: searching for records after birth certificate for birth parent   

    It might be worth looking at the Ecclesall Workhouse records - the Sheffield Archives have several index's of names under reference NHS21 (births, baptisms, list of inmates)
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  8. Edmund added a post in a topic: searching for records after birth certificate for birth parent   

    Here's the 1911 census return for 12 Harrington Road.  The Mary Ann on the census had died by the time your mother was born in 1939 so possibly this Mary Ann was your great grandmother (see Hugh's post regarding a daughter Mary, not on the census as born in 1914)
    Robert died aged 47, a labourer, at 12 Harrington Road on 9th September 1924 and was buried on September 12th 1924 in grave number 18674, section CC1, City Road Cemetery.  He left £457 16s 6d to Ethel and Elizabeth.
    Mary Ann died aged 49 at 32 Union Road (Nether Edge Hospital, the old Ecclesall Workhouse) on 12th November and was buried on 17th November 1924 the same grave.  She left £174 13s 2d to Ethel and Elizabeth.  Also in that grave is George Henry Agus, their 16 year old son, died at Ecclesall Institution and buried on 23rd August 1916, and Christiana Hinksman, a 54 year old widow, who died at 12 Harrington Road on 23rd April 1910, also Thomas Hornsby William Hinsksman, a 47 year old wood turner who died at 12 Harrington Road and was buried on 28th May 1900.  In 1936 the same grave was used for Henry Walker a 66 year old table knife cutler who died at Fir Vale Hospital and was buried on 6th February.
    Elizabeth Christiana Agus (born 21st December 1904) married John McLeavy in December 1928. She died in November 2003.
    Ethel Agus died a spinster on 29th July 1958 at the Royal Hospital.  She had been living at 455 Shoreham Street.  She left £3018 17s 5d, probate being granted to Elizabeth Christiana McLeavy (her sister) and Ellen Constance Bramley ( a widow).

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  9. Edmund added a post in a topic: Westbury 1645   

    Joseph Hunter (in Chapter 6 of his Hallamshire The History and Topography of the Parish of Sheffield) reckoned that the map-maker Speed confused the name Washford - where the Don was bridged, inventing Westbury and a village to go with it. 
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  10. Edmund added a post in a topic: Football Mail   

    There seem to have been several independent "Football Mails".  The one most quoted and available is the Portsmouth one, with several early 1960 copies on ebay, (published at 170 Fleet Street, started in 1905), which in 1964 was published by Portsmouth and Sunderland Newspapers Ltd, along with a Hartlepool version (from Newspaper and Magazine Personnel and Data, World's Press News 1964). The same source also mentions also a paper of the same name published in  Burton - the proprietor was the Burton Daily Mail Ltd . In 1968 Benn's Newspaper Press Directory gave details of the Burton version: published Saturdays, cost 3d, Head Office 65-68 High Street, Gen.Mgr and Editor D.H.Hadfield, Proprietors Burton Daily Mail Ltd, Advertising rate per s.c. in 7s 6d etc..
    The Willing's Press Guide and Advertiser's Directory and Handbook for 1913 gives the names of 3 papers of the same name: Football Mail (Portsmouth), Football Mail (Hull), Football Mail (West Hartlepool)
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  11. Edmund added a post in a topic: RegInald Dixon Mr Blackpool   

    Born in Lonsdale Road
    see 1911 census below : 36 Bowness Road:

    in 1925 he was at 133 Walkley Lane (giving lessons)
    Later at Lennox Road I believe.
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  12. Edmund added a post in a topic: Lost houses - Derbyshire Lane   

    Charles Houldsworth of the Elms in 1899 was a clerk at the Sheffield and Hallamshire Bank.  The Elms had previously been occupied by William Gillatt (b 1830) who in the 1901 census claimed to be a retired commercial traveller, but in 1891 had claimed to be a retired farmer.  In 1900 Mr Gillatt became a shareholder in Thomas Lawrence and Co., a new firm set up to purchase an existing steel melting firm in Attercliffe.  Previously, Wm. Gillatt had lived at Cliffefield, Derbyshire Lane, where he had alterations made in 1885, the architect being Thomas G. Edwards.  He liked having changes made to his houses, as in 1895 he employed the architect W.H.Lancashire to plan alterations to the Elms.
    The previous occupant of the Elms had been Verdon Woofindin, who died on 30th March 1888, leaving £21,975 8s 10d to his brother George (of 2 Kenwood-bank, Sharrow).  A sale of the household effects of Mr Woofindin was advertised in the Independent, and included oil paintings, ornaments and a Spanish mahogany cabinet.  Verdon Woofindin had been a die sinker, silver chaser and embosser. in 1833 based in Fitzwilliam street, and in 1847 Whites directory shows him in the same line of business at 151 Fitwilliam street.  In 1858 he had been living at Crosspool, near to Alfred, George and Vincent Woofindin.
    I've not found much on West Cliff - in 1896 Major Acton had a ballroom and WC added (the architect was WH Lancashire).  Major Acton was a regular guest at the Cutlers Feasts.
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  13. Edmund added a post in a topic: Dykes Hall ?   

    About where the corner of Leslie Road and Cotswold Road is now.  According to PictureSheffield.com it was rebuilt by John Fowler in 1852 and demolished in 1927. 

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  14. Edmund added a post in a topic: Iron Bridge   

    This is part of a painting credited as 1840.  It shows the iron bridge, leading onto Kelham Island , so the Union Bridge will be the short span (arrowed) across to Cotton Mill Walk.

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  15. Edmund added a post in a topic: Military Force, December 1820   

    And of course Hoole was implicated in the Acorn Street outrage, when a bomb was thrown through a bedroom window, killing a woman, the result of Hoole bringing in strike-breakers and the subsequent unrest.
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