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  1. Edmund added a post in a topic: Crawshaw Head Farm   

    A couple of links to the Bradfield Archive.  Appears the freehold land was owned by Charles Brown of Charlotte Terrace in Sheffield (before the House was built).  He was at 56 Charlotte Street in 1837 - 41 and was a Steel Refiner, Mfr. of Fire Bricks & Dealer in Pot Clay - possibly he had the land for the clay extraction.
    The Sheffield Archives hold ref X622 =- records of J & J Dyson, Stannington, Griff Works, Stannington. Producers of fireclay refractory materials. Established 1810. Directors (c. 1960): A. Lomas, F. Lomas and G.A. Lomas.  Employment and production records relating to fireclay extraction at Wheatshire Mine (Ughill, near Bradfield), Ughill and Top Cabin mines; quarrying at Crawshaw Head and Loftshaw quarries.
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  2. Edmund added a post in a topic: Crawshaw Head Farm   

    The 1881 census shows Crawshaw Head occupied by Albert Crapper (Lodge Keeper) and his wife Elizabeth.
    In April 1882 Crawshaw Head was advertised "To Let".  It had lately been occupied by Henry Harrison Esq. By September 1896 it was advertised "to Let" again, the current occupier was Mr Hammond.
    At the 1911 Census, Crawshaw Head was occupied by William Womack, a road labourer, but Crawshaw Head Farm was occupied by Charles Marsden, a farmer, with his family, a servant and three lodgers (one being William Nicholson, a molecatcher)
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  3. Edmund added a post in a topic: Crawshaw Head Farm   

    In May 1876 the Independent reported that the prosecution of George Helliwell of Crawshaw Head under the Adulteration Act had failed, due to a problem with the samples.  His milk samples were marked D51, and whilst in transit to the Town Clerk, one bottle was cracked and some of the milk lost.  Instead of just replacing the bottle, the two inspectors took a completely different sample (D47) and overlabelled it D51.  As D47 was sound milk, analysis would have put Helliwell in the clear.  The Town Clerk had to apologise for the maladministration, and the case against Helliwell was dismissed.
    In 1880 George Helliwell liquidated his business at Crawshaw Head, with debts of £850.

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  4. Edmund added a post in a topic: Crawshaw Head Farm   

    Crawshaw Head was up for sale again by 1870, Mr John Dyson the vendor:

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  5. Edmund added a post in a topic: Crawshaw Head Farm   

    From "The Selected letters of Robert Bridges" :
    LENNARD The Reverend W.R. 
    A leech at Sheffield.  He owned a farmhouse near Sheffield called Crawshaw Head, where RB's friend Henry Bradley spent two years as a child companion to Lennard's son.
    (Not sure what he means by leech?)
    William Rodwell Lennard, born at Aston-cum-Aughton, aged 68 in 1911, totally blind since age 65, living in Salisbury on private means.
    In June 1859 Mrs Lennard of Crawshaw Head, was one of the organisers of a Bazaar to be held in Sheffield, the aim of which was the establishment of a parsonage house at Bolsterstone.

    The estate was up for sale in 1868 - the advertisement confirms that it was built by Dr Lennard

    The 1861 census shows a William Lennard at Crawshaw, but born in Warwickshire, possible W.R's father?

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  6. Edmund added a post in a topic: 20th Century Photos - Stilltime   

    Here's a link to a photo website.  Put Sheffield in the search box - it brings up 64 photos, mostly transport related (Sheffield United Tours etc)
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  7. Edmund added a post in a topic: Collector of bridge rates   

    From page 21 of :
    in my remembrance wrote in the year 1832 at the time the Cholera was raging in Sheffield.
    We will now return to the Bottom of Snig Hill to go to Bridge Houses.
    The Street called Goulston Street going past the sign of the Punch Bowl, leaving Spring Croft on your left. Spring Croft from here was partly field on the right hand side and when you was going along this Street, on your right you could see across the fields into the Bridgehouses. At the far end of this .street turning up Bower Spring was a large Garden belonging to the Workhouse. At the bottom, on your right hand Corner going up, a little above, is yet Bower Spring, a running water which has supplied this end of the Town with good water before I was born. I have fetch'd many a hundred Gallons from it myself, to the top of Lambert Street. It was dry in the year 18??, but Mr. Benj, Beet, a particular friend of mine, lived at Sign of the Shakespear and many of the water troughs is in his backyard under ground. He applied to the Town Trustees concerning this and they order'd him to make such search for this water as in his Judgment was best. After much labour and expense they found it again to the joy of the whole neighbourhood. It was above 3 months quite dry (this he told me himself) and it now runs as plentiful as ever. It was never known to fail before that time.
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  8. Edmund added a post in a topic: 70's/80's Map Showing Broomhall Flats?   

    1970 map:

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  9. Edmund added a post in a topic: Searching for Julie Nolan.   

    One possibility - Julie Nolan married Stephen E. Shepherd in Chesterfield in 1983.  Currently living at 7, FAIRFIELD COURT, ASHGATE CHESTERFIELD S427PT
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  10. Edmund added a post in a topic: A Mysteryette   

    Montgomery College in 1894

    and now:

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  11. Edmund added a post in a topic: A Mysteryette   

    The Mayor laid the foundation stone for this "new middle-class school" on 15th December 1869.
    From The Sheffield & Rotherham Independent,Tuesday, January 11, 1870
    Almost opposite the Montgomery Monument
    Principal: Rev R.H.Irvine M.A.(Edin U)
    Second Master: Mr Whitaker
    Asssisted by Masters of French and German, Drill and Fencing, and Physical Science.
    During part of the First Quarter the School will meet in the Lecture Hall of the Cemetery Road Congregational Church.
    School Duties Resumed on Tuesday, the 18th inst.
    For prospectuses apply, 166, Cemetery road.
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  12. Edmund added a post in a topic: Sheffield City Council...spending on heritage, tourism and culture.   

    In 1569 the Sheffield Burgesses bought 20s worth of lottery tickets.  The draw was made at the west door of St Paul's cathedral and went on day and night from 11th January to 6th May, because there were 40,000 prizes of 10s each also other merchandise.  The funds raised were to be for harbour repairs and other public works.  There is nothing new.
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  13. Edmund added a post in a topic: Collector of bridge rates   

    Several bits of information from the Independent, some are the correct man and family, some may or may not be.  No mention of bridges though, but plenty of highways.
    In December 1825 a “Benjamin Beet” was one of the signatories to a notice pledging to back the three Sheffield Banks and Rotherham Bank in case of a run on them, the intention being to boost confidence in their solvency.
    In March 1830 a “Benjamin Beet” was a victualler on Gibraltar street
    In August 1831 a “Benjamin Beet” was a signatory to a notice supporting John Parker (lawyer of Woodthorpe) as a parliamentary candidate
    In March 1838 Benjamin was elected as a member of the third board for the repairs of the highways in the township of Sheffield
    In January 1844 a notice was published which included a “Benjamin Beet” as being due to monies from a debt from 1837 owed by “Dean” of 1s 4d, which had been paid into the Court of Requests for the Manor of Sheffield.
    In April 1839 at the Court Leet, Benjamin Beet was appointed as a special constable for Shepherd street
    In March 1841 he was re-elected to Board of Sheffield – Surveyors of Highways – residence Shepherd street
    In June 1850 Benjamin (Poor Rates Collector) was on trial accused of embezzlement (see cuttings), the case was dismissed as no evidence was offered.
    On 21st February 1859 Benjamin’s widow Mary died at Shepherd street aged 76
    On February 1st 1871 Benjamin Champion Beet died at his residence Crookes Mount aged 48.
    On April 9th 1874 Benjamin’s eldest son Frederick William Beet married Helen Corbridge of Cobden View, at St George’s church
    Charles Benjamin, youngest son of the late Benjamin C Beet died 26th April 1877
    Sheffield Archives has document ref TT/64/1 and 2, title Conveyance land and property in Silver Street, Sheffield, the description is Robert Waterhouse to the Trustees.
    20 square yards on the east side of Silver Street, Sheffield, with the two houses thereon in the occupation of William Hill the younger and William Holt; and a third of a yard of 31 square yards adjoining the above, which is jointly owned by Waterhouse as devisee in trust and Benjamin Beet and Jonathan Wilkinson.   For £90.  Reciting a deed of 1813.  Plan by J. Fairbank and Son, 1839.  Date   1 Oct 1839

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  14. Edmund added a post in a topic: Old Sheffield Sayings   

    " Get thi rags on"
    Meaning "put on the clothes you will need to go out".  I think it comes from the steelworks where they'd wrap damp rags round their legs before pouring steel.
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  15. Edmund added a post in a topic: Brindley & Foster Organ Builders   

    According to J.R Knott in his "A Study of Brindley and Foster - organbuilders of Sheffield 1854 - 1939" - their pneumatic control system was "the greatest fraud ever attempted to be foisted on the musical public"
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