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  1. Edmund added a post in a topic: Dykes Hall ?   

    About where the corner of Leslie Road and Cotswold Road is now.  According to PictureSheffield.com it was rebuilt by John Fowler in 1852 and demolished in 1927. 

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  2. Edmund added a post in a topic: Iron Bridge   

    This is part of a painting credited as 1840.  It shows the iron bridge, leading onto Kelham Island , so the Union Bridge will be the short span (arrowed) across to Cotton Mill Walk.

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  3. Edmund added a post in a topic: Military Force, December 1820   

    And of course Hoole was implicated in the Acorn Street outrage, when a bomb was thrown through a bedroom window, killing a woman, the result of Hoole bringing in strike-breakers and the subsequent unrest.
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  4. Edmund added a post in a topic: The Bombshell Magazine   

    Publisher:Thos. Firth & Sons,Pub date:[1917-1932]Item info:21 copies available at Sheffield  Local Studies Library:  Local Studies Library CopyMaterialLocation052.74 S VOL. 1 NO 10 DEC 19171JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 1 NO 11 JAN 19181JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 2 NO 9 NOV 19181JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 3 19191JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 3-4 1919-19201JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 4 19201JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 5 19211JournalLocal journals 2JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 6 19221JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 7 19231JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 8 19241JournalLocal journals 2JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 9 19251JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 10 19261JournalLocal journals 2JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 11 19271JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 12 19281JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 13 19291JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 14 19301JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 15 19311JournalLocal journals052.74 S VOL. 16 1932 (JAN-JUL)1JournalLocal journals
    Maybe also of interest is: The history of Firth's, 1842-1918
        Marshall, A. C
    Publisher:1924.Item info:5 copies available at Central Library Store and Local Studies Library.HoldingsCentral Library Store CopyMaterialLocation338.471Non fictionReserve stock Note: Ask staff for this itemLocal Studies Library CopyMaterialLocation338.4 S1Reference materialLocal books338.4 SST1Reference materialReserve collection 2Reference materialReserve collection 3Reference materialReserve collection
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  5. Edmund added a post in a topic: Hardy   

    Joshua Hardy, d.o.b 26th June 1911, mothers maiden name "Stopford" -Births vol 9c 1316 died June 1976
    Joshua Hardy married Edith E Bramwell in Sheffield in the last quarter of 1931
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  6. Edmund added a post in a topic: Rustlings Farm and Hunter House Farm   

    Here is Map No 2 from the 1788 Ecclesall Enclosure:

    I would say that plot 251 is Rustling Farm (compare with the 1855 OS Map below).  Plot 251 is within plot 250. Plot 250 was 0acres, 2 rood, 23 perches and was allocated to George Bustard Greaves.  Plot 251 was 0 acres, 1 rood, 1 perch and was allocated to John Nodder. (the areas on the map don't correspond with the areas quoted - plot 250 looks much bigger).  However the interesting point is that the two landowners who were allocated the land were Greaves & Nodder - compare with the witnesses names on the 1738 transfer - also Greaves and Nodder. John Nodder (of "Sharra Head" Attorney,Town Trustee from 1739, Towns Collector in 1745, died 10 Aug 1772) and his brother Isaac Nodder (of Handsworth Woodhouse) were the sons of John Nodder (died 1732 a lead merchant of Handsworth Woodhouse). The full Nodder geneaology can be found on pages 689-691 of Vol 2 Familiae Minorum Gentium
    Here is an advert for Rustling Park in 1832 - it states that it was recently occupied by Messrs. Willis and is in the possession of the trustees of the Infirmary - possibly records are in the archives giving details of this holding.


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  7. Edmund added a post in a topic: Glass Lantern Slide   

    Weston Street Chapel was opened on September 6th 1861 by Lord Teynham.  As September is after Whitsuntide, the date of 1861 is wrong.  Wrong by how much is another question.
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  8. Edmund added a post in a topic: Assistance re identifying this photo   

    The Friends of Porter Valley Newsletter no.59 has a photo of Rustlings Farm for comparison (if you can find a copy).  Apparently Sheffield Wednesday had their HQ there at one point.  Competitive Lawn Tennis was also played there, in 1886, but they must have moved the cattle out of the way...
    See Bayleaf's post her for a picture (by Henry Tatton):

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  9. Edmund added a post in a topic: The Fairbanks of Sheffield   

    I'm not sure which is the right Frederick Royston Fairbank?  There seem to have been at least two.
    Various information probably relating to two separate people:  born in Sheffield about 1841, moved to Chesterfield then educated in Rugby, became a medical doctor, lived in Manchester for a while, then Doncaster, married Dora Sympson in Lincoln in 1866, married Sarah Ellen Meadows in Manchester in 1866,was a keen amateur archaeologist, stood for election in Doncaster, one who originated in Felixstowe died in 1913 in Caversham Oxfordshire.
    Can you narrow down which one is ours?
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  10. Edmund added a post in a topic: Who remembers this well known Sheffield shop?   

    The discount offers would be the LP's with no sleeves, I still have half a dozen I bought.  They had a huge box of 45rpm records which I looked through regularly.  I think between 1972 and 1982 there were no new additions to the box, and the quantity never decreased.
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  11. Edmund added a post in a topic: Wheres Everybody Gone?   

    Since the changes the log-on process has changed, and I'm sure a lot of users haven't been able to overcome this.  The old set up was a username and password to logon.  The system now wants your DISPLAY name and password - display name being the one that shows against your posts.  The username doesn't seem to be needed anywhere now.  Although the log-on screen does ask for "Display name" most people will just assume it wants the same information as it always did, so fail to get in.
    Maybe when Admin are happy with the state of the site, they can send an email to "all users" to update them with how to get back on the site.
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  12. Edmund added a post in a topic: Police warrant 1912   

    In 1911 Mr Thornhill was a 34 year old "Traveller in Wines", living at 27 Fir Street in Sheffield with his wife Carolyn Rosalie and her father Edwin Gautier Fretwell, a retired provision dealer.
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  13. Edmund added a post in a topic: Civil Rights Campaign and Responses in Sheffield   

    ​Yes, the book is here : https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=IZlKAgAAQBAJ&pg=PA68&dq=malcolm+x+sandra+devoto&hl=en&sa=X&ei=6piEVb7bIeu67gbluYOoBg&ved=0CCkQ6AEwAA#v=onepage&q=malcolm x sandra devoto&f=false
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  14. Edmund added a post in a topic: Civil Rights Campaign and Responses in Sheffield   

    Malcolm X visited the UK several times over three months in 1964/65.  It would have been interesting to interview Miss Devoto to get her recollections, although sadly she died in 2001 aged 59.  Maybe there are others who attended who might be able to give you their thoughts?
    From: Malcolm X at Oxford Union: Racial Politics in a Global Era  By Saladin Ambar
    After Oxford, a letter would be delivered by airmail to Malcolm's Harlem office. Addressed to "Mr. Malcolm X" and the °`Organization for Afro-American Unity, Harlem, New York City U.S.A.” without so much as a zip code, the author almost imploringly included on the upper left corner a winking plea: `PLEASE FORWARD BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.’ The writer was a young woman named Sandra M. Devoto of Sheffield, England. She had heard Malcolm speak in Sheffield after his brief stint there and in Manchester, the day after the Oxford talk. Dated December 5, the day after his departure from the UK, the letter is worth reprinting here in its entirety, as it conveys how Malcolm’s own personal liberation embodied great potential for a more radical politics to emerge within the context of multiracial communities in the West:
    Dear Malcolm X,
    I am the girl in the turquoise sweater, pearl necklace, and black skirt who shook hands with you saying I agreed with everything you said. Believe me, I really mean it.
    Politically l hold no firm views, can be swayed, see both sides of the question. Religiously also I can see all good and bad points in all faiths. There are only two things in which I take a sure and steadfast stand, I am against, with no reservations whatever, Prejudice, especially racial or colour prejudice and Hypocrisy. To me, these are the worst sins and the greatest trouble causes in the world today: I hope you don’t dismiss this letter as stupid, there are so many things I would like to say; but alas, am not as articulate as I would like to be.
    lf only there was something I could do to help, however, I don’t know what you would feel or do about an Anglo-Italian, female agnostic who doesn’t see what she can do anyway. I know you have a great sense of humour, so am sure you will at least have a laugh!
    All of us here will I am sure, follow your progress with great hope and enthusiasm. I certainly hope that you will visit this country and come to Sheffield again in the near future, though of course I realize that your work lies in the United States. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help as I feel so impotent sitting here talking and discussing the problem but never being able to do anything constructive.
    I shall never forget meeting you,
    Yours sincerely,
    Sandra M. Devoto (Miss)
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  15. Edmund added a post in a topic: This was a street surely...   

    The Archives have a file on this:

    CA206 - Sheffield City Council, Planning Department  1976
    Middlewood Road/Hawksley Avenue/Proctor Place/Bradfield Place/Bradfield Road, Sheffield        
    Shops with mall & 1st floor car parking Applicant: Region Properties Ltd Architect: Shepherd, Fowler & Robinson
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