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  1. 3D models

    I don't know if anyone saw the Countryfile programme on the Peak District a couple of weeks ago, but it included a Sheffield artist who produces 3D contour models of parts of the Peak District. She's based somewhere around the Loxley Valley and has produced one of the valley from it's head to below Damflask. Personally they're right up my street so I've got the one of Loxley. They are in this stainless steel and come 'flatpacked' with instructions for pushing them out into 3D. They're not very big and a bit pricey perhaps but if you're into local maps they're worth a look. The company that make them is on Findon Street so they're completely local!      
  2. Notra Dame

    I'd  recommend the  Ranmoor book. It's primarily Ranmoor of course  but there's a wealth of Sheffield history in it too.
  3. Notra Dame

    I'd  recommend the  Ranmoor book. It's primarily Ranmoor of course  but there's a wealth of Sheffield history in it too.
  4. Notra Dame

    Don't know about the flagpole bit, but I was given a tour by a member of staff a few years ago and was told the porch and tower were built especially for the royal visit. The other story he told concerned the lake with the small island in the centre. It seems in the early days of the school it was fee paying. One family whose daughter was there fell on hard times and couldn't pay the fees. They were duly summoned to see the head, who explained that the girl could no longer attend the school, but she had found her a place at another school whose fees were lower. Because of the 'delicacy' of this meeting, the head rowed the couple out to the island where she'd set up 3 chairs so they could be private.
  5. Church Collector

    Looking through the Records of the Burgery of Sheffield, it would appear that the Collector was roughly the equivalent ofthe City treasurer, responsible for the collecting of taxes, rents etc, and certain payments. The collector was elected annually by the Town Trustees, to whom he reported nand presented the accounts.
  6. LAID SIEGE A Short Play A look at the inhabitants of Sheffield Castle, workers and the Old Queens Head Tavern during the siege in the 17th century Introductory talk by Ron Clayton on the troubles surrounding Sheffield Castle during the Civil War  To be held at ETEN Cafe 2 – 4 York Street (next to the Cathedral)   1.00 to 3.00pm Saturday 3rd October Two performances: 1.15pm and 2.15pm  Donations only please in support of Friends of Sheffield Castle  
  7. Sharrow Hurst

    Wow, that was unexpected! Look forward to hearing any more.
  8. Badges?

    I wasn't sure which forum to put this on so here goes; Among the possessions of Capt VS Simpson acquired by the Hallamshires are 2 'badges'. I'm posting this here as they may or may not be his, as there are one or two items in the collection that are WW2. The first is a circular cloth badge with a dragon design. The second is a small metal badge, curved and with a hole at the top and bottom. The design is a trophy, and around the 'cup' there's the following "Rd 1989322" VSS was a keen sportsman who played as an amateur for Sheffield Wednesday, and was a very keen golfer. Any suggestions as to the significance of either or both would be gratefully received!
  9. Old Sheffield Sayings

    Or in our family, 'up our entry'.
  10. Bradfield

    No help for your family history, but I thought you might be interested in these entries from the Sheffield Manorial Records;
  11. Sheffields Flora and Fauna

    There have been some fabulous sunsets lately. This was a couple of days ago over the Bole Hill above Fulwood    
  12. Google 3D

    Google 3D has arrived in Sheffield. Go to, and click on the 'earth' box at bottom left. Change angles etc by Shift and left mouse button.
  13. Westbury 1645

    According to Peter Harvey's book, Westbury Street was named after Richard Bethell, 1st Lord Westbury, Liberal MP, and Solicitor General 1861, one af a group of streets named after famous lawyers. Some have since disappeared, but they were named Chelmsford, Jessel, Palmer, Roundel, Selbourne and Westbury. So a coincidence?
  14. Bents Green Open Air School.

    Hi kath, which farm do you mean, the present Hangam Lane  Farm or a diffent one?
  15. Sheffield Corporation

    The problem is if you have full-time councilors on a salary it becomes a career, whereas part-time councillors bring some kind of work experience with them. That's the problem with MP's today. In the old days they would probably have some kind of career or job, then become a Councillor, then an MP, with a background of work experience, community work etc. Nowadays they are either barristers, or go straight from school (often public) to university where they study politics and economics, then become Parliamentary researchers and advisers, then become elected MP's, with no experience of real life outside politics, or understanding of the lives of the vast majority of the population, hence the 'disconnect' that leaves people disillusioned with the process. And so you get a choice between candidates of different parties who are so close together in experience (or lack of it) and beliefs that people don't see any point in voting.