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  2. Footprint Tools

    And I took this view looking up Hollis Croft in early August 2017
  3. Footprint Tools

    A few photos of the Footprint Works on Hollis Croft which I took in August 2016. When I was young I was fascinated by the factory having a bridge over the road and my father would divert that way on my behalf whenever we were in the area.
  4. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    Went along with my wife to visit Manor Lodge a couple of weeks ago `well worth a visit` second time in over 50 years for me, the last time was in 67 when i was doing some plumbing work for J Stead on Manor Lane, had a walk up to the Lodge one lunchtime, not as prominent those days! "the flowers look OK to me History Dude" After our visit we walked down the fields behind Manor Lodge for some lunch at the Rubarb Cafe (nice food) , some terrific views over Sheffield from behind the animal enclosures! Behind the animal enclosures, the field slopes down towards a couple of old cottages, there`s a ditch down one side and a bog pond planted with bullrushes etc, obviosly the pond was created recently! I was told you can vist these 40s themed cottages and to look out for the open days. Out of interest did any one play in this field when a youngster and remember what it was like 60 or 70 years ago.? Who lived in the cottages (was it a farm etc)?
  5. Railway PH

    This pub doesn't seem to have been very close to a railway?
  6. John, Not seen any photos but I do recall the plush parts of the office block. I served my time mid sixties in the Apprentice Training shop then in the maintenance dept. Then we had dinner in the works canteen. As I got promoted we had lunch in the staff canteen, apparently there were also separate dining rooms for managers and directors. There was a grand entrance onto Brightside Lane which was never used all the time I was there, - lots of polished brass and marble. Roger
  7. Very interesting Meersbrook, I'm trying to find out more about Joseph Berley as I have great personal interest in the Wagon & Horses in particular (sadly, just closed down for good) besides history of Heeley and it's people in general. I wondered how a young man like Joseph, who died at 31 years came to own the old Wagon & Horses and to afford to demolish it and build the imposing Wagon we see today. Also seems strange that he lived on Well Rd. when he owned The Wagon. I also noticed that the concert room of The Wagon appears to be the original part of the old Wagon building which must have been left standing and added to when the new Wagon was built.
  8. Thanks Lyn, but have already visited that site many times before. No reference to such documents as RichardB gave us.
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  10. http://www.oldheeley.org/ Heeley past history
  11. Hi Richard, That was very useful to me. Can you tell me where you find these on the internet please? As a Heeley lad I am always trying to find new info about the past. Many thanks
  12. This is a fantastic and informative thread!
  13. Sheffield Fun-Fairs

    I recall that fair too in the 1950s and early 60s- I think it was Lings.
  14. Sheffield Fun-Fairs

    The fair at Oakes Park was my favourite, pick up a young lady (would have been ''bird'' at the time), and to the woods. We went there on motor bikes and I remember one time a policeman on a motorbike chasing me but could not catch me on the road. He came up to me where we parked and I thought I was pinched but he was more interested in my bike and turned out to be a nice bloke, I can't see that happening now days. My local fair was also very good, Woodhouse at the top of Sally Clarke's Hill.
  15. Sheffield Fun-Fairs

    Norfolk Park Fair was I think the largest fair in Sheffield. I can remember the traditional sideshows which were there not just the rides. The boxing booth, where all comers were taken on. The bearded Lady ! Strange beings in preservative jars ! Motorcycles in the globe. Magic shows. Coconut shy There were lots more can you add to the list ?
  16. James Henry Moseley

    Thank you dude.
  17. James Henry Moseley

    First name(s) James Harry Last name Moseley Service number 202626 Rank Private Regiment York And Lancaster Regiment Battalion 2/4th (Hallamshire) (T.F.) Battalion. Birth place - Residence - Enlistment place Sheffield Death year 1917 Death day 3 Death month 5 Cause of death Killed in action Death place France & Flanders
  18. Sheffield blitz

    I worked on the flower estate refurbishing the houses from 1983 to 88 and the large greens in the centre of the houses we fence off and gave each house a separate garden with access to each garden via a foot path down the centre
  19. Street Name Signs

    The first mention i can find of Scarsdale Road is for a birth at St Pauls, Norton Lees, for a Lucy Styring born at 25 Scarsdale Road in 1903. This enumerators sheet from the 1901 Census records Green Lane, at Norton Woodseats.
  20. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    The council did have representatives on all the projects involved in Manor Lodge. The site is after all on a long lease to the Council. Green Estates came out of the Manor and Castle Development Trust. It was their "green" wing so to speak. In the early days Richard Foster at that the Development Officer for that area was active in the project. I should imagine still that a Council officer or a councillor(s) sit on the Green Estate board. I think Green Estate's influence on the site is apparent. Especially when flower beds were directly incorporated in the house ruins! Can you imagine any other historic site having a flower bed placed in an important spot, such as they did with the main chimney area?
  21. Sheffield blitz

    In 1935 ( yes that early) the Home Office asked local authorities to identify suitable premises for first aid, decontamination ( after a gas attack) and air raid shelters. Sheffield was a high risk target and aerial attacks were expected to maim and kill thousands. By 1939 hundreds of suitable sites had been identified and booklets were issued identifying them and their proximity to the bus and tram networks. Many were in shops, churches, schools, converted passageways, trenches and purpose built surface shelters...but none were supposed to replace the supposed safety of home! They were intended for use by those caught outside and unable to get home. There was no typical size. Some were large as in Exchange Street where the Market Hall could accommodate 525 whilst one in Pond Street could squeeze in 10. ( From "Sheffield Armourer to the British Empire", Stewart Dalton, Wharncliffe Publishing, 2004, ISBN 1-903425-13-1) On the nights of the blitz my Mum and Grandma used the shelter in Brushes playing fields, Firth Park...they had little faith in the garden Anderson shelter ( Dad was on duty in the Home Guard and Grandad , a train driver, was stuck in Woodhead tunnel where he was for over a day until it was considered safe to carry on. He was driving a petrol train from Liverpool .Post War I well recall the disused underground shelter at Hartley Brook School...entry into which was strictly forbidden.
  22. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    Thanks for that illuminating response....I didn't think SCC was directly involved. The use of 'Elf n safety rules is often the "refuge" of administrations that don't want others involved.
  23. Street Name Signs

    The first mention of Scarsdale Road in the local papers was June 1904. Green Lane continues to be used up to 1929, so there was a large degree of overlap, in the minds of local people, if not at the corporation highways department.
  24. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    When I helped start the friends of the Manor Lodge there was NEVER any intention to charge for visiting the site. Then Green Estate got their hands all over it and have started to charge to go and see it. Many of the Friends group volunteers quit when they were told by English Heritage that they could NOT run the Manor Lodge site, because "Friends Groups do NOT run Heritage sites," in the words of English Heritage. They told the group that a proper management body had to be responsible, or at least that is what their current chairman told me. Green Estates got the job. They employ paid people to look after the site. Any volunteers have to meet their standards and do what Green Estate say or they can't take part, due to health and safety rules. They do train such volunteers. But a lot of the original volunteers didn't like the rules and left. I was also one of the people that helped set up the Norfolk Heritage trail. This was supposed to be cross group and individual's of all the history groups and projects the trail covered. It was never intended to be run by one group or project. But Green Estate interfered with it constantly. The first thing they wanted to do was do walks on a fee paying basis. Purely to make money. One time a publicity day was held in Sheffield City Centre and Green Estate tried to block me from attending and others too. Due to some silly rule about health and safety! However the Park Rangers covered anyone they couldn't or did not want to instead, so I could go. Much to the discuss of the Green Estate person then in charge. However Green Estate eventually got their way and the Heritage Trail committee has not met in years, to my knowledge anyway. And any walks now taking place are charged for. The current state of Sheffield Manor Lodge site is a great disappoint to me from being chairperson of it all those years ago. That is now a good example of how NOT to run a heritage site. Friends of Sheffield Castle people take note.
  25. Sheffield Castle Redevelopment

    Manor Lodge is a wonderful asset to Sheffield, it is about time the volunteers who run it get recognition for their hard work in keeping the attraction open.
  26. Street Name Signs

    The maps I have looked at have an annoying gap from 1906 (Green Lane) to one revised in 1914 but not published until 1924 (Scarsdale Road). Even with the time lag often seen with maps it looks like the renaming was in the early 20th Century.
  27. Sheffield blitz

    Have a read of this - memories of a public shelter under the green near Heather Road: http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/archive/index.php/t-948490.html
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